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Tuesday night since that time however the Pete protest of them peaceful and the chief has chosen not to enforce the curfew and so we will see if that remains the case here tonight on day eight Zach reporting live and local and near Wayne state Vicki Thomas W. W. J. news radio nine fifty had to stop and think where she was there for a second because she has been everywhere across the city the last few days or marches and rallies in Detroit today as crews work to honor George Floyd in a cheap piece but one thousand people joined arms and walked over the macarthur bridge to Belle Isle this afternoon among them boxing great Thomas Hearns there is they're going to come down and talk with each of them and they love President Bush who is that with the rumors of world full of self state throughout the meantime other group protesting police brutality walking along Grand River Avenue this hour they start at the Detroit police headquarters we just heard Vicky Thomas and we'll hear from her again at nine oh three the demonstrations against police brutality not to be toyed continued today with protesters marching through west Bloomfield earlier I think everyone needs to be aware of it absolutely I do tend to think with very diverse so we recognize the need of diversity and I I like to see that we have a community that the port of of you know demonstrating and supporting people that want change that is was Bloomfield resident Ali Niles the protesters marched through the city this afternoon hold a demonstration of the west Bloomfield police headquarters to the west coast California governor Gavin Newsom announced this afternoon he is ending cart toward police holds in the states now we can argue that these are used as exceptions but at the end of the day odych hold that literally is designed to stop people's blood from flowing into their brain that has no.

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