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President or BuzzFeed or the New York Times or the Washington Post, and that's Bob Muller in one interesting aspect of the whole imbroglio over the last week with the BuzzFeed article and the statement by the special counsel's office taking issue with that article. Is that here you have Bob Muller and his team maligned virtually every day by President Trump and his allies over and over and over again, and they could have just kept silent. Because that article was very bad for the president. And you know, got a rise out of a lot of people and had people using the I word impeachment and put him in a very bad light, the president in very bad light. And they decided to do something. They almost never do to issue. A corrective statement that actually helped the president even knowing that it would cause the president to then attack the press in call them fake news and give him a lot of amunition to discredit the entire BuzzFeed article, even though the statement doesn't necessarily do that. And the irony there is at this office led by Bob Muller, who president is allies as I said constantly denigrate attack, accuse belittle they're now holding out in a way as a paragon of truth telling in virtue and relying on the statement of Robert Muller in this instance, to say, hey. Believe that guy. So what the heck is going on? I think with respect to at least thought Muller's investigation. We'll get some answers in the relatively near future. My guests. This week are Kevin crews and jillions Eleazar Kevin is a professor of history at Princeton University and Julian is a professor of history and public affairs in the Woodrow Wilson school of public, and international affairs. Also at Princeton together, the authors of a new book faultlines the history of the United States since nineteen seventy four speak with them about the legacy of that tumultuous era and the origins of the divided America. We live in today and the art of the story on.

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