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Few strings as possible in American history all the Greek Isles that fight is wrong for crowns for our families and the option that we have is to either let them suffer with nothing or to allow this greed and billions of dollars which will be leveraged into trillions of dollars to contribute to the largest income inequality gap in our future there should be a shame about what was fought for in this bill and the choices that we have to make there it is news roundup information overload our Castiel Cortez angry because all the new green deal aspects she tried to jam into this build for a leave for hospital workers on the front lines and and workers displaced that need to pay their rent need to pay their mortgage and need to pay the car payment need to buy groceries and and so on and so forth it we're getting taking care of over her and saying green new deal which is as you can see where the pressure in that party comes from it is unbelievable anyway as we go forward I know a lot of people have a lot of medical questions and a lot of medical issues that you want answered so I invited our medical eighteen back Dr Brian McDonough currently hosting of a podcast daily on corona virus clinical professor family medicine Temple University school of medicine we have Betsy McCall a formal telling governor New York chairwoman of the committee to reduce infectious deaths and by the way she said about Cuomo's edict of the reported correctly dooms thousands of elderly to death basic infection control says identify the infected and contain them she's talking about the decision that mandates New York nursing homes take people with corona back at the nursing home welcome back both of you Dr thank you and Betsy let me start with you on that one issue what do we know there are these are these people still capable of passing on the virus so they still contagious some of them are let me make it clear that I'm not doing I'm not trying to criticize Andrew Cuomo we're all trying very hard here but many other states are watching what New York is doing and requiring that nursing homes admit or readmit patients who have been in the hospital with corona virus without even knowing if they still have it this edict that the Cuomo administration issued yesterday bars to nursing home from asking for a test and that means that the nursing home care givers will be flying blind not knowing whether the patient in their care house corona virus or not and you know Sean from looking at the data that in general one person infected with corona virus may in fact two or three others but one person with corona virus in a nursing home produces carnage we saw it in the state of Washington we've seen it in other countries and we know what will happen here too because most nursing homes don't have the isolation rooms or the train the staff to control this virus agreed by the way we're going to take your calls for a medical A. team let me just point out that her Rolex nursing home chain in New Jersey did the right thing St Joseph's nursing home a Catholic home in New Jersey was overwhelmed with corona virus they were down to a few nuns taking care of ninety patients no one stepped in and said we will empty one of our facilities move out all the patients who don't have grown a virus to other locations so we can take in these patients without endangering the rest of our nursing home residents that's the way to do it in another states that may be listening if you have patients being discharged from the hospital who may be infected with rotavirus designate certain nursing homes and provide the capacity for them to safely take take care of these residents let's see what what is your take on where we are doctor McDonough because listen we will watch this unfold American now probably has a couple more weeks we're gonna be watching those numbers rise numbers rise numbers rise number rise if patterns hold and I want to know if you think they will then they will level off and then a precipitous drop and then we'll get down to no new infections do you believe that's going to happen here and how quickly we get there I think you know the one thing Dr Fauci said which I'm sticking to it I think it was probably something we'll hear thirty years from now that quote he said the virus kind of sets the pace it makes the rules I do believe the more I'm dealing with this the war I'm seeing patients and involved in this first hand the virus does make the rules my feeling is we're still growing up especially in New York we're gonna get to that peak until we see those numbers starting to go down for a few days and about that I mean three to five days we don't really know what that peak will be a problem with not knowing what that people be shown is because we really don't get to test enough people early enough we can get this test out there because at that point you know quarter body kind of by surprise it would be this aggressive that is what happened so we don't really know who's walking around with it but we can watch the numbers at least and in other states we're obviously getting a better chance to do that which I think is really important that the testing is out there and we're gonna have a better sense of what's going on for predictions everywhere else and **** yeah that's a go head towards the issue of when to moderate or lift the lockdown depends less on how many cases or war let's not be confused and think that we have to be locked down until this virus disappears well I asked the president about this last night in the president was very very clear in saying that William he looked New York maybe longer California maybe longer we see bigger issues now breaking out a Louisiana and I know more help is headed for Louisiana Washington state might be a little bit longer but other areas that are not seeing high incidence of this might be able to get back to business soon we gotta remember one other thing if we all want our grocery shelves full and we all want our pharmacies fall if we all want the medicines that we all need and and everything else in between well you can't shut down the whole country because we're not gonna have anything at that point on we and we have three members on that we don't want our more carefully either and I think the thing that we have to realize is when we get to a point either way to make Donna of course we don't want those marks fall but we are yes I am on the way home okay but for a second I I may not want to shot I've heard you I know you're concerned about people and I meant what I meant is I do believe we have to respect the timing out more than anybody I loved in two weeks for this thing you know to be celebrating Easter all those things I'm I'm in favor of if we can do it but what I'm saying is it very well could be eight weeks and I tend to be more on the side of you have to do this as an entire country and buy in because if you don't we may not be seeing things in other states because we're just not testing or getting those results or fourteen days behind we're like a border you worse nothing prepared us for so big and massive we have to look at that you know we got there my common sense in this Hey we've got to apply common sense to this New York is an international city San Francisco same thing now the question then is when people land there and they go to Florida or they go to tax wherever they happen to go I mean if it makes sense why New York got hit harder which again goes back to my argument I'm I'm kind of ticked off that New York should always be prepared knowing millions of people close proximity pandemics are not good for them versus say people that are part of ours certainly have more distance natural land distances between them Betsy Ryan doesn't want the mortgage job none of us do but we have to keep in mind that the lockdown is also with danger to life deaths from despair or going to store people who've spent thirty years building a business and are told they have to shut it people who have a job and they lose it we know forty thousand people die in our country every year from suicides and tens of thousands die from opioid overdoses so we have to be careful as the president has said many times that the cure does not cost more lives than the virus itself joblessness will cause a lot of suffering and even when the Andrew Cuomo invoked to shut down in New York he said the purpose of the shutdown is to slow the virus enough that our hospitals can get ready and the trigger to to moderate that shut down or even listed is when the hospitals have enough capacity not when the virus disappears that could be a year but once we know we have enough ice to use in dental leaders in mass to accommodate the people who get truly sick and need to be in the hospital most of whom are elderly not members of the workforce we can take on this virus and still okay run this country now you guys have taken over my shell I wanted people call in and ask our experts let's go we will start with John in North Carolina John you're on with doctor Brian McDonough and Betsy McCoy how are you good good if I go out shopping somewhere and I don't.

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