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Saito do not confuse me with a loud mouth left us Latinos out there actually love my country Love my state, the United States of America. And the Great State of Texas. This'll show. There are three speakers since this show has been in place, and our next guest is the only speaker of the Texas House who has agreed to come on and talk to conservatives. Republican date feeling is the presumptive speaker of the Texas House. He's a successful businessman who was active in commercial real estate on November 4th of 2020 Mr Feeling announced he secured enough support to become the next speaker of the Texas House. We welcome him to the course. And Saito show, sir. Happy New Year. Happy New Year, sir. Appreciate you having me on I I appreciate you coming, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart Look before we get into the issues. Just tell the folks Who you are Your family, your background, your philosophy on government. How how government relates to we, the people. I appreciate that. So yes, arrived in the commercial real estate developer and broker I'm born and raised in Beaumont, Texas. Married to my wife, Kim for 12 years Now we've got we have four boys whom I love every ounce of my being there just there at the forefront of every decision that came and I make my wife a very successful attorney back home. She very involved in our community and I couldn't be more proud of her in my Children. So, uh, I, uh The reason arrange for the houses because I love what the house stands for. We were a constitutional representative democracy here in Texas and the house and bodies that we vote. Our district's he listened to our constituents. I think the Texas House representative is as close to the constituents and the voters into the taxpayers as any any elected official and my best build I've ever passed as a house member, came directly from my constituents. I did. They had one of them even had a bill at this and one didn't know I filed it. I called her after she came off the game. It's a great idea. Got ideas, and I took one of those ideas that turned into a building. I called her in session and say, Hey, are you ready to come testify for the bill? She had no idea She was part of that. That constitutional represented democracy. But she Woz, and it's so different in Washington D. C. It just is and nothing could really exemplify that more than what's occurred in the last few months. Texas We have something special here, and I'm just proud to be a part of it. Amen To that. Tell us your top three legislative priorities coming into the new session. Well, I plan to be a little bit different speakers than most. You know, I'll tell you my three priorities that I think I have a speaker in the speaker's office. But Focus on one is we have to get the economy back up and running. And let me tell you that this controller is going to give us a revenue estimate 10 A.m. today that will tell us what the budget looks like. And it's gonna It's gonna be a little grim. We're gonna have a whole lot less resources. Craft the state budget. Then we have thing we thought we would have had last in the last session. This is still the best state to do business in this is still the best state to live and raise your family. But We had the state coffers took a hit with covert, obviously, as as that every small business and large mrs alike, so we're gonna have less money to craft the budget. Yet 1000 people are still moving here a day coming from states with failed policy comes in Texas. You know they want that opportunity. They're not bringing that fall. They're not bringing public education teachers with him and not bring the DPS officers so that the core function of state government must go on. But it's really difficult with your resource is for every district. Every 10 years, we have to redraw political ons. They some population trends, and those numbers may or may not come during sessions. They may come too, some of which means we come back in and over time. But that the highly contentious issue also a constitutional requirement that we must fulfill. Doesn't my top three. Could you call me back and running crafted budget that is balancing respectful of what's going on at the kitchen table. And if redistricting after that, I want the member of the brain their priorities to the House floor, and I want them to work hard and I want to be respectful. I wanted to get their votes and past what they can pass. And so I put put the agenda back on them and say, Bring the which brings bring me your best bills and let's see what we get done. Incoming Speaker Date feeling Is our guest right now, folks on the Crystal Saito show You mentioned making Texas on economic powerhouse because it is the best place in America to do business and Nothing can be more dim ostrich above that. Is that what we've endured in the last 72 48 hours with this big tech attack on free speech? What can Texas do? So at one point bolster our economy at the same time, provide incentive to those high tech entrepreneurs who want to challenge the Twitter, Facebook's Googles and apples out there. I'm never was on social media, and so I ran for office if something had to do Engaged the voters and I appreciated it A certain point. You know the the big check what they've done, You know, I don't appreciate it. I don't think it's right. But at the end of the day, you know they are their business owners, and they could do what they wanna do with your business, just like you and I could want to do with with our business is about government interfering. That being said. I don't see this as the next guy. I see. This is a great opportunity like he just said. I see this is a great opportunity for someone to step in and fill this Ford. There are entrepreneurs out there. There is a very smart individuals. If our that smart I wouldn't be talking to you e would be elected official. I'll be out making millions and billions of dollars off because I think there is a huge opportunity for somebody to step in and fill the void. That has been left by what is what is the curve of the last 2 to 3 days, And you're right. It is. That is why radio shows like this is so important to get the you know the word out most conservative activists because I love radio. I'll listen to it all day long when I dropped in Beaumont Oh, Austin, It's a four hour drive. So I spent a lot of time on this old school and radio really enjoy it. And so that these shows are more important than ever. Well, you know, I can't thank you enough for the for the kind words and again. I'm right there with you. I think that Texas could be the next Silicon Valley for for companies that don't have Chinese totalitarian values of the suppression of free speech. Day feeling is our guest right now, folks here on the Crystal Saito show. He's the incoming speaker of the Texas House on property taxes. Many Texans think that the reform that was done the last session Didn't go quite far enough. What is your view on the tax system? And do you have any ideas that maybe a little bolder? Maybe to give Texans more control over how much tax money is coming out of their pockets? Well, I think since sunshine is the best disinfectant and allowing more accountability and you know, allowing the taxpayer having much information as to where their tax dollars are going, Who's raising the taxes to me? That is What is most vital in this whole process, property taxes or step collected the local level. They go to your school district. They go to your city and go to your county. They go to your hospital district. They go to your community College district. They go to your municipal utility district. Your special utility district. I mean, I can keep going. It goes, it goes. You report you name it..

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