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WGN TV. Talk at all things black Friday on WGN. And I was asking what people are out running around for if you're out today. Because Dan said he's seeing reports the parking lot at Woodfield is eighty percent full. So people are out and about what are you doing? Carol wants to jump on. Hi, carol. Hi, brian. You make me laugh. I I just love when you're on the radio. Well, thank you. I appreciate that. So well. Are you? Yeah. Let get to Macy's opened at five PM yesterday. Got there about half hour. Forty minutes early. Got a slot dot five down from the door. And waited two o'clock. I wasn't gonna wait in the cold. Eighteen people go in. In that. The lower level. They had. Than sheep. Got a couple for a wedding present for wedding. I'm going to share fifty thread count. Twenty nine ninety nine percent. What did they start two hundred dollars two hundred dollars and they were down to twenty nine ninety nine. Yes. Did they have a lot of them were there like six sets? And they drew. Different areas different like countertops that had not a lot and each color. I was looking for. I was able to get. And. Then they were organized said a section not too far away from where I picked up the shades where it was checkout set a little bit of a weight there, but not long they were working for registers attacked back looks pretty quickly. I was out in back in my car. Almost an hour after I part to get in there in out done. Wow. That's not bad. It was it was packed in there. Because you clamped on the only. Just trying to get through. The door true. And then to the downstairs where they have all the linens. People would just say, oh my. I that people. Now, are you done? Carolina was this year. Was this your one outing for black Friday? Or are you going back out later today? I'm going back out his warning getting up and getting dressed to go out to Menards. This is just during near where I live, okay. Pick up a couple of things. Forces kids. I know. Participate that to my church for that. Things that would work for the kid. So then I should be done. Well, good luck. I don't I don't envy you battling those crowds. It is not too. That's why I try to avoid it at all costs. But I'm glad it worked out well for you. I like the also you're planning ahead year ahead with wedding gifts. That's just my godson in history on who we love. And they had just gotten a king size bed. But I'm guessing. I'm not gonna have really nice sheets at the beginning. But now they will thank saying, Carol. Yeah. Very nice. Well, enjoy the rest of your day. Carol, thanks for checking in. I appreciate it. Okay. Thanks, Brad care Bye-bye. That's very nice going out early. I couldn't I couldn't do it. And it's funny. We were the place that we had dinner on thanksgiving was writing right next to a Macy's. And I will we walked in at about two thirty. You knew it was closed, and it still had we left before five. So it wasn't open. But I don't you know, there's no chance there's nothing. There's nothing that I need to be out at that hour. No, you're not doing it. I know you're not doing black Friday. Yeah. I don't blame. You one outta curiosity by myself a couple years ago? Yeah. That's kind of wandered around. I'll say I don't need it like I went to an electronic stores. I don't really need a fridge or anything. So. What to do it here? There was a line when I left what time did I leave to come here about nine Forty-five last night. I left to come to work and the best buy right near me was packed. And again, it's a holy cow. I get it. But. Just not for me. I only did it once and I didn't go until it was like five o'clock black Friday afternoon. So it wasn't you know, the crazy, and that was great because the sales were still going the thing that I wanted was still there. But there was no because everybody was asleep. They'd been up since five o'clock twelve hours ago, they were shop until you're not brawling with people. It was I wandered in. I thought I was like what's all the fuss about this black Friday shepherds a cinch? But I'm not out there. Now battling just woke up about the head out bow hunting for deer black Friday for the deer. But in a whole different way. Right. Some other things you need to avoid the deals.

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