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They have a statue of Daniel Jones? Outside of Duke Stadium. They need one call me. We were just talking statues because Kobe tweet about Baker Mayfield and how everyone from Oklahoma. Who WINS A heisman? Trophy gets a statue and we did the math or like I'm a guy that means. Sam Bradford has a statue so we of course went over and Yeah tweeted out the photo Sam Bradford Statue and really all the statues are taken down in the south you gotta take down the Bradford Statue. What does actually take down? Sam Bradford best part is. He doesn't have the helmet on no. Because that's true same brad profession. He doesn't wear a helmet very often. Because that would imply you're in a game doing something to help your team win. And it's just it's just that something so in honor of him of US realize he has a statue. Sam Bradford is a fucking franchise quarterback the best of luck to you. Sam even know it's not going to be eliminated in the bites bracket contests any other thoughts on the ACC. Well I wanted to talk to Kobe a little bit because it does like the ACC. Here's what I do I have had. It has been fun watching the the new Sean. And the new lots of Sports Sean yet and keeping up with all. He's not even GonNa have to Cram for college basketball. This year's been paying attention. It does feel like this is going to be a year with the. Acc IS GONNA have a couple of those eleven or twelve playing seeds and you know Hughes. Well what a Syracuse have to do to get a play because I love them and that eleven. I foresee wall and don't forget like a team win the tournament to even get the plane eleven. So that's probably stop. Clemson is another fun there's all sorts of like camaraderie stories around. Move Away from their home stadium though but if one of these teams like does one of these teams have that opportunity to get randomly. Get to the sweet sixteen it because the Yolk really I would say stay was the one I was going to throw out there. They've done it before. It just feels like this is going to be one of those years wolf pack lettuce pedigree and there's going to be a lot of that. Acc down storyline anyway. Yeah now you guys do realize not to switch topics go back to our first one. I hit the lock of Colgate and M my dog. If you think you didn't hit anything what did you hit American. We were seeing Yego state. We the team I was on colgate. Morts huge surprise the horrors of what I who ended up winning that conference winthrop winthrop. Okay perhaps winthrop. They must have some sort of has your northern Iowa looking. Oh my dog hit dude. Wow you can't talk shit when my dog? Braley hit for seven HUNDRED UNAWARES. Actually plus eight hundred. You can see right now. There we go shooters shoot. No I in team with Kobe. No iron teams. The ethnic fever. Didn't treat you. It didn't cover either twelve and a half a stupid. I am holding eighty nine to one. Roughneck defenders takes two one at this point. Just let's hope they get to a championship. Let's let's hope in the first place. They did pay.

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