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Interested in that and so because we broaching the end of the cycle the Vatican observatory don't think that you know one of the major functions is to look for telltale sign that we of the depth to experience sudden sudden shift a major cataclysmic said of the van that wouldn't be earth changes that could be some kind of ascension advance something fundamentally transforming the for a world can lead a night go by without you talking about Alex collier yes Alex good brand money from the many years he is someone he was in contact with crime drama than extraterrestrials and that he said that the Andromeda's when like a seven communications with him he said that they could make contact because in the future three hundred and fifty years into our future a global collective security cold and that when they traced the origin of that collective Juni came back to this time and they traced it back to the moon and my we planetary objects some way connected with genesis of a galactic to any that spreads out ATA galaxy and so the indominus came back in time the basically changed that and and one of Alex's job with the basically reveal what was happening on planet earth because of these negative contest rules infiltrating and taking over a lot of value to the tuition you are talk about a tie in with the late art bell and Andrew boss Iago of course who has claimed that he was involved in a project of course that the beam him to Mars that's right yes Sir and he says he's been involved in two sets of projects one of the jump gate of the miles jumpgate give we basically people were center miles but that wasn't the only project cool project negative and then he says that project Pegasus that ran from around nineteen sixty eight to around nineteen seventy two kind of overlapping with the Montauk project and basically doing the same thing that was happening at the Montauk project which will tell you that we're using children these technologies but was in the Montauk project they were taking up the street children regarded as expendable he's lost wouldn't become a man to latch it with the project using elite families military families and for the for the solitarily or snatching them all will will vote vote will volunteer work okay by by their parents I guess that's right yeah if the NB a follow actually will want to work with the Ralph impossible company and that they will probably contractor the building this time travel technology for the CIA and and doppel the people at the top but which is if that part was called up by the end any bus Iago was one of the children that was volunteering to these and he went through these project into that project and he was involved in the time travel experiments but he says that the nineteen approvals nineteen seventy seventy one he he went to in and and play T. and T. totally that's a major company that has a a outlet pay enough not leave New Jersey and he says that he actually met our goal at the nine really want she art bell at that facility that he was part of the group of children that went through the facility and full bell in an interview with top dollar you know I and many others three action and he was completely shocked because he said that he hasn't told anyone about about that that he had looked at that like TNT facility had not laid at and not Li in art did art in minutes yes he admitted on there that he did work at that facility and that he was working on on highly classified night out of project and he didn't say anything more about the project how would how would bus Iago know about it unless he was not there unless he was there exactly exactly no one knew about that because I think that is being very careful in revealing anything about he's classified work full for the military with contractors but the about Chicago was there and and I was shocked at that when I heard that and he heard the shot he was so realize that and the was there that he was part of a highly classified programs couldn't get access if you were told you don't go to a highly classified facility doing night top secret projects yeah as a child of the new year they did you have access because you'll working approach it right so that's that stage yet what Amy was saying that's amazing tell us what you think what you really think Michael is going on at the South Pole Antarctica well in the car I think what's been going on there is that they have seen project that was set up in the nineteen forties by a breakaway group of Germans that were able to escape **** Germany before its collapse sitting up highly advanced technologies team basis that they had being helped find down there under the eyes using this is submarines we at the at the time I'm interested in the local equipment so that they could take deep under the water for long periods of time so they were able to navigate.

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