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I'm looking at you fundamental mormons. That's something different this and And i think that's where you get the. Oh my gosh what's you know. What's it gonna come to now. We got rid of polygamy for a reason. But that's we're not these are not the same thing. Just wanna make sure that we're breaking those two apart Apology and polygamy are not the same thing no. I didn't want to interrupt you because i mean that's i think you and i are pretty close on that but we should probably save conversation about poly relationships for thursday nights so tune into thursday nights for a secular sexuality. But but i wouldn't feel right. You know both of us gave our piece on poly relationship. So give give us your quick taking. Then we'll get back to free. Speech take is pretty simple man as long as it's consensual and your for that sort of thing and you're having a good time doing it. They go for it. Yeah the interesting question. Is you know marriages. This isn't thursday. Let's go back to free. Speech here gets valid talking about something that is still a an interesting point. Rates immediate nonprofits alternate family structures. And okay so so going back going back to this carbon with parlor of this because i i never actually bothered to set foot in there did you guys are pto okay. So i couldn't have to throw up after so at least you can fill me in here. Is it the cesspool of all right thinking that it will the people make it out to be or where people just really using it as a place to freely express. I genuinely don't know. I think you're right. They're using it as a place to freely express and it's okay it's shicho i popped in there and there's a lot of it seems pretty tame but there are little corners like as with any platform that you've got like almost like a dark. Excuse me a dark web scenario going on. It's just like these guys in their shit takes her mind mind-blowing some of the stuff i i didn't set up an account but i peruse no some of us did just sort aspire when i say us i mean just members of the it just to go in there and i think a couple of them. I'm not gonna name names When in an trolled a little bit just to see what kind of response to get and was very interesting. Death threats were uttered a couple of times so wow apparently apparently parlor doesn't seem to have the same terms of services. Twitter does barely right right. Well i mean that's the thing is parlor spec up a little bit right place So it i. It was twitter. That said donald year longer. Welcome in it right then. It was facebook and that funneled all of that vitriol and hate to parlour right and then that's when the terms of servers that partner has with a with the app stores in both apple and google Came under scrutiny. And they felt that there was The moderation on parlor was subpar for them to apple and an apple and google that is to continue to have them in their in their stores amazon to right and then yeah that the. There's a place stores where you get the app and then amazon's a hosting service. That's amazon makes a huge amount of money on servers and just hosting i.

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