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As as much of a you know i mean i'm joking but you know when you're you're kids come into a lot of money it's like that's that's not. That's that's not really true. Though as much as wildness honestly though you know he he He's very much a a very much carbon copy. Happy wait for wild child. Maybe even today is younger. He was a lot louder well. Relaying like yeah but i mean i'm now dad's defense when he couldn't afford to and i just attacked ideas attack muted random. Why well his also the one time when. Excuse me dad didn't have the money and couldn't afford it. I needed to go on the road with the cover band with you guys. And i didn't have a decent guitar or a decent app and he's like okay. We'll let let let me get you what you need. What you need. And i'm like wall. I mean dream. I would love a paul reed smith guitar. That's like i think it was seventeen or eighteen hundred bucks. Excuse me and I wanted a message. And i think that was two thousand dollars and he went around the bar to all his employees that night when we were at the horsemen club and boreham four thousand bucks that night and the next day. I had a a qatari now. So i mean i i pretty great guy bought me my first good bass guitar. That guy. well you know the matter is. Is that You know later on in life it turned out bits. You know he wasn't actually my real father. And i've never really told anybody this you know i'm not. I don't really talk about this. But it explained the difference between china myself. It really did. Because chad is like i say complete carbon copy of his complete absolute Look voice a lot of similar behaviors mannerisms like identical. And as i grew up. I i wasn't like that. And i didn't understand why am i. Why why are those guys so alike. And i'm not like them. It's it's called the moral compass. Mike god mike. Why do i have a moral compass. Yes wow wait. That's agree it's crazy so your mom but did your mom know no was to.

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