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Appear bright. Young new album is out today. Weekends look a little different these days. I'm morgan number two. That's your skinny. Time for the good news for lunch box. Bill yardley has disease which keeps them from doing a lot of things around the house and it was his birthday recently and his wife got him a flag kit so he could put up a flag american flag in the front yard on your problem parkinson. He needed a power tool so he goes in. The nextdoor app says hey. I need to borrow a power drill and someone says you know what we know. Yes parkinson's so why he was at the doctor. They came over and mounted the flag for him. And put it up on the pole thing. That is awesome and he said it's just nice to know that is this day in time that there's still people that love the tennessee tradition of volunteering and putting up the american flag. That's awesome. that's what it's all about their. That was telling me something good lunchbox you still paying acting classes still doing my acting still doing the virtual online Things we haven't got together in person yet. And i feel like i'm coming into my own when you get together in person. Will that be in town or they live in hollywood. No no it should be in town. Yeah i mean. I found it online so i mean i assume they're in town. How much do you pay for this. I it was. I think it was like six hundred bucks for three months or four months. Something like that lie. And so your goal at the end of this class is to blank Hopefully my acting skills have improved enough. That i move up a level in their classes and maybe it gets me some roles on you know maybe small time roles on tv commercials and then. I worked my way up to the big screen. The movies movie. Yeah we got it. Big screen meant well. Good for you. Yeah so lunchbox. Started taking these classes during the pandemic. And he's continuing with the course but if you move up do you have to pay again for the second quarter. I mean it's not gonna give to you for free because you're a good actor or you paid. If you don't pass dupay to retake the course. I got to go have to start in the beginner level again which is sad so what we have here. This is a clip. Of what show how. I met your mother and your who i well. I'm said mostly as an older guy. So i'm really bob sagging. I'm the voice guy comes on like so you know kids when he's talking to his kids. Yes he's talking to his kids. Your ted moesby. But it's bob sagging. And so why did you snicker has just this. I can't wait to hear. Like i don't know i just know. How will we listen to last time. I would like to hear the bob sag clip furnace. Yeah here we go. I found out years later that your mom was at that party. I just didn't meet her. It's a good thing. I did because if i had met her. I don't think she would've liked me back. I don't think i like me. That's okay tomorrow. had arrived. and you're doing that guy. Go lunchbox doing the voice of bob. Sagging i found out years later that your mom was at that party. I just didn't meet her. It's a good thing. That didn't because if i met her i don't think she would have liked me heck. I don't think i liked me. But that's okay tomorrow had arrived. Hey how good was. That sounded pretty. Good amy snicker before this sounded like storytime like for the kids what it is under the little ridi. It's pretty good horrible. Line syria that lines kind of touch. Again i found out years later that your mom was at that party. I just didn't meet her. It's a good thing that didn't if i met her. I don't think she would have liked me heck. I don't think i liked me. But that's okay tomorrow. Had arrived pretty good. I think there's probably a little texture feel when that. But i think it's pretty good. Yeah i'd better back like i. I should have been more emotional. Yeah i now that. I hear the second time on mike man. I didn't hit the emotion. part enough. still pretty good. We have another clip a clip to ray. What this clip. We know saint clippers. Just it's from the episode more. Never seen how. I met your mother. It's not just one scene here. We go so lily and marshall decided to make the best of a bad situation. And that's also how the sport of apartment role lose was invented. You see. I didn't know yet but my luck was about to change because that was better than the first one narrating. Yeah sounds like he's reading. Though you know what i mean. Yeah i am going to choose to acknowledge that. You are improving. I'd just say that too. And he's not like yelling it sometimes when he read something or everything he yells old right there. he's doing a commercial. I feel like he's just. Sometimes i feel as though he's like getting into character. I would like to acknowledge the growth. That i've seen from you feels good. That feels good. And what would you like to acknowledge. I would like to be real with you and say you have a lot of work to do. Just being your friend and say me work a little harder. You're getting there. Were a little. Harder isn't there. I like that. You're getting there. And he starts with believing in yourself is banned. Wants said the leaving. Yeah actually they said like this stop but you can get on the screen man. I'll use that frustration. Don't all right good job. Though lab pile of stories. I got jaycoe and hits according to taste of country in at number five down to the honky tonk star lab. It's a good song. It's not a top five. Who i forgot about that one. It's a it's a really good song is fun but it's not like made for us. I'm going to tell you my listeners. Who made for you. You really like. I go anywhere west virginia baby. So let's don't tell me your shit and then there's there's i it's hard to sing another song barefoot right. That's not on your list. Well i think it's probably like five or something ever four but then alone with you alone with the okay number. Four i was jack. Diana is a good song for him number one forum but not something that i turn on and like i need to listen to some j. going. I don't go to this. I agree okay number. This is already kind of garbage there. He is beaten did array. Make this list at. This is like a radio. I guess. I just like the meaningful heartfelt stuff never to barefoot blue jean night joel. Put it the backside of this just because of the popularity and a number one days of gold okay. This person's never listened to jake. Bowen just went randomly picked five songs. You have a loan with you on that list alone with the help they took twenty one songs and ranked them and alone with you came in at number seventeen. Whoever made this less fire them. I don't know who they should not be able to write any more articles by jake owen. Now off the jay. Go and beat okay. Where did they put any anywhere with you. Nineteen that's great for you number thirteen. Okay yeah they do opposite day. They write us on opposite day okay. Well researchers in singapore think that the human body might have the ability to live to a hundred and fifty years old. Scientists have developed this iphone app that accurately estimates biological aging and a discovered that life expectancy actually has the capacity to be almost double the current norm..

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