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Play calling our valuations Oakland won the game twenty two twenty one nascent Peterman threw for two scores Josh Rosen let a ninety nine yard TD drive in the dolphins twenty two seven decision over the Jaguars the ravens won twenty six fifteen in Philly with trace McSorley tossing to school was running for one join Haskins led three second half scoring drives in Washington's nineteen seven victory in Atlanta and the giants top the bangles twenty five twenty three in Cincinnati Daniel Jones nine for eleven one hundred forty one yards patriots safety Patrick Chung a rain next Wednesday in New Hampshire on a cocaine possession charge because this would be a substance abuse policy violation the team nor the NFL can do anything to Chung until the legal process the legal process is complete baseball last night another walk off win for the Dodgers twelve total second in a row three two over the blue jays on an RBI single by ki K. Hernandez the cardinals got by the Rockies six five the methods to nothing range would win over Cleveland and the Yankees lose in Oakland five three that's a three game sweep for the ace I mean Bodish this is Jim Rome join me in the jungle weekdays from twelve to three eastern right here on CBS sports radio Hey Colorado springs this is Dan Patrick catch me in the end that's weekday morning seven to ten on extra sports thirteen hundred.

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