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Com version of the website if you care enough, I wanna make sure I'm not sending an apple news. You are. I want to send the original URL. On the MAC version. There was no open in safari. And there wasn't a way to copy. The link. It was like one of the first ways I figured out to get a real URL out of it was to copy the URL. Which would copy an apple dot news slash whatever. Unique identifier URL, and then instead of using safari go to chrome and pasted in there, and then it would redirect to the original website because chrome doesn't know the magic. Hey, if it's an apple news URL open an apple news. But if you opened it in safari, it would always take you to safari. There was other than using chrome or some other third party software. There was no way to get the original URL like that's crazy and very unmacht. Like Donncha is limited anyway. I don't know. I see that stuff as a I'm very worried about it to be honest that if if this is actually a sign of where apple thinks, you know, that these are fine examples of. The other thing is that in the latest version of Mojave. They added a file share or copy safari link button or something I forget what they did. I don't use Mojave on a daily basis. So I forget what it was. They added a menu item that does that does give you the original URL. So there is that. It might even still be in. The the beta version, that's not actually shipping. So anybody out there who is looking in Mohave and looking for while I listen to this. Maybe it's not there yet. But there is a solution in the beta at least, but it is not it's not the right solution. It's certainly not the MAC like one. So I'm deeply concerned that these are. There either. Some type of prototypes that that are that affectively should have been branded as public betas that worshiping public betas of these four apps in Mojave Mojave will be shipping as a non beta OS in the fall, and it will include for public betas of these apps. Which they did not say these apps are not branded is public. Betas branded is the MAC version of home news, and whatever. I'm deeply concerned. If the mistake is that they should have been called public betas, and they didn't want to come public betas. But they've got much better ideas for where they're going with this stuff. Then I can't wait. I look forward to hearing about those ideas, if these are actually indicative of where apple MAC ups like what makes a reasonable MAC app from apple then I'm I've maybe never been more concerned about the future of the platform. That's that's the mystery. Isn't it is did they think these were? Okay. Or are. They just trying to the advantage of shipping is especially for news news is a news as an important platform for them. It's an thing for them to do home. Right. Having home kit. Support is important to have. I get why the you want to get those in Mojave. So you can say finally the MAC can do these things I've been complaining about no home kit support in the last couple of years. Right. So great. It was like when the MAC didn't have Siri for years. Right. Yeah. Exactly. And it's like, you know. Okay. So now now we can do that. And I get it. But there is I do think it's an interesting question. Why they didn't given how apple has really become much more open to branding things. As beta shipping. Beta things in their operating systems for a while. Now to not have branded these as a beta or something because I I hear just like you do I'm sure from people when you criticize these apps say, but you know, it's just a just trying it out. It's just new and it's like, yeah. But it in the shipping version of the software. It's not a beta it's the final version of these apps that ships with the OS, so they obviously have some degree of confidence because they didn't slap that label on it..

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