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The best. This thing to me that was Gladys, Knight, Basou Mallory Blackman. How did you feel about you marrying? I'm presuming a very white Scotsman because he was a Scotsman. Yes, indeed. I'm so lucky because my mom and Neil's mum, they judge people by who they are, not the color of their skin or religion. Whatever is kind of, you know, take people as you find them. And so you know, Mali bless us 'cause she died a few years ago. She was wonderful. And my mom's things always is only makes you happy and he's Goodhew than that's all that counts. And you have said that you refuse to live out the cynicism that would actually would have been understandable and easy to adopt giving the treatments that you've been on the receiving end of the, you know, in the streets and at school, did you feel that then sort of being embraced absorbed by this Scottish family in some ways helped you to deal with the idea that everybody in the world had a horrible strain of racism running through. I felt a dealt with it before that when I was thirteen fourteen fifteen, I was very angry. Teenager. I kind of felt I'm not gonna live like that. I was becoming the very people I despised quite frankly. I mean, I'm and your anger was stoked by the racism. It was partly the racism is also when I was, I think. Was thirteen at times while thirteen and and part of it was because I, I was watching film, went to the cinema sat by myself because I used to go to the cinema lot by myself and it was Disney's Robin Hood of all things. And three guys came up behind me three white guys and to them grabbed my arm. So I couldn't move in the sexually assaulted me. And I and I was so former ties. I mean, they belong and they thought it was a big joke. I kind of managed to get away and ran ran away from floods of tears and absolutely traumatize, and it was kind of they were horrible. And then it was all white memo, horrible news what people were horrible and I got to the stage where I do. I really wanna live like this hating people because of their color. This very thing. The I object to people do it to me, and the thing that brought it home to me was there was a song I really loved called what you won't do for love by. I think his name's Bobby Caldwell and I love this own. And then I thought I to go and get his album, and I went into the record shop and I found one of his albums and he was a blonde guy. I'm member stemming is l. p. oh my God, he's live. And then I saw, are you. Are you really going to stop liking the song just because this guy's wide and that's been hit me how how far at full Innis his. That's when I kind of caught myself and I, no, this is silly and pseudo taught me a lesson about you. Judge people based on how that person is in you. Don't generalize describe their behavior to lie all what people are all black people, Chinese people or whatever. That's just ridiculous. Let's have some music melody. Then tell me about your seventh choice. Well, this is sing by my chemical romance and thank you Lizzie because she was the one who introduced me to this. I love the song because it says, you know what? You have a voice, and then anyone ever take that away from you and don't be afraid to stand up for what you believe in an even. You'll speaking and people hate you for what you're saying. Then if you believe that you have something to say, stand up and say as, and that's another love that message. Mike room, manse and sing. Sue Mallory, just over fifty years then on this earth. As you look back at your half century, are you satisfied with your achievement so far. I don't think satisfied is the right word. I, I still feel I have more to do are still feel this plenty of things I want to do. I want to kind of try and make my Mark. I mean, this is gonna sound really silly, but there was a really bad film and I was a child cold, the seven faces of Dr lower with Tony Randall. He was paying seven different characters. And one of the characters was someone called apple onea's who was blind, but he could actually tell people's futures in one city. Woman goes in once future. And she's, he says, well, basically tells us she's a silly woman. She's never made her Mark in this world and she dies. Nobody will ever know that she even existed. She'll be just forgotten and she's, she's never s- put a step out because she was afraid of putting a step wrong. And so and it's really strange because at bay of that film as always thought with me because I thought surely the point of life is leave the world better place, and you found it even a small. You can do it by smiling at strangers. So they feel good about their day. Doesn't have to be huge, huge things, but just about sort of treating people the way you'd like to be treated. And I kind of feel is not the point of being on this planet. So I'm certified, no, but I feel like I'm doing what I want to do. I'm writing, which is, you know, I'm one of these lucky at alz who's actually doing something that I love and only a few months into being children's laureate. Then I would you like to make your Mark? They're not the end of my two years. If one child comes up to me and says, we'll because of what you've done. I'm actually she reading now. I'm reading more than I was. Then I would feel okay, I, I've done some good there. My campaign might my aim is more children reading more. I've always said that and it's about encouraging more children to read and telling them that there's so many fantastic books out this. If you don't like reading, you just haven't found the right book few yet and is about letting children and teenagers discover books for themselves and you and they have the absolute right to read books more than once and they have the apps. Salute to put a book down after three chapters. I really firmly believe that that's what will encourage them to know that books are there for them and their friends, and it's not about read this. They get enough of that doing exams. Now you as the dreamer us, the person who's imagination is floating away you on a desert island. Will you be in any sense, practical? Will you be able to build a shelter. Because one of the books I used the carry around for years was the SAS humble home put your hand. So it was all about if you find yourself in the desert or your phone. So from the ticker, whatever this is how you civilized. So I hope so. I hope what have those skills? Let's have you piece of music then what are we going to hear? This is what a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong. And I've told my hobby that if I die before him, I want this played at my funeral. So I love this song.

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