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Ben affleck is trashing on a day arm is like literally kicking to the curb yesterday. A life-sized cardboard cut out of ana was photographing thrown away. Outside of bins. Is this the ultimate burn. Baby like throwing away photos are putting things under the bed but i guess when you have a life size cut out in a closet you can fold it up. You can fold it up and i go on. That many dog walks. If we're going to have to watch you to be that obsessed with each other for that much time you can be a little classier about this. That's the lately disrespectful. What a classy way to throw out of cardboard you know i could have folded it. He could take it up. You could have ripped it up. He has twelve people working for him. That really i have to say. Knock on ben for me. Totally funny i. It's so funny. Because he talks about this interviews all the time where you loved to be photographed. And he's like no. I go and take out the trash. And they're just sitting there so i mean part of me is like he'd probably get told his housekeeper. Whatever like hey this for me and then it was just they'd pitched it and now it's been terrible. Maybe he didn't give his housekeeper. Full instructions like folded up. Take it out at night. Do not let anyone see this. If you've been famous long enough on tuesday okay so the to date and you guys. Nearly a year. Last time we talked up they were so in love there were engagement rumors swirling and now it's completely over now a source tells c. News there will always be that love but word is they broke up over the phone <hes>. Listen this is. This is my thought she just had a birthday. What she's thirty to forty eight <hes>. There's some information about her wanting another child tile and so. I sure there's a lot of love there. But i'm sure they've had that conversation. Especially if there really were engagement rumors conversation before you move into the nineteen million dollars off but it just sometimes you think like okay. I'm okay and then he's saying no. Are you really okay. Because the door is closed. I need you to really think about it. Because i want to marry you but if you don't if you want children you're not gonna wanna say with me or vice versa station. 'cause i know many friends have gotten to that point and they don't wanna break until that point they are so in love and they think maybe they'll change their mind and then they hit this a pity. That says i'm not going to change my mind. I do wanna. I really hate to do this to you. If i'm putting my house on the market to then move in with my boyfriend you better believe before called that real estate agent are pat one of those damn boxes. We are going to be on the same page before that moving truck gets there just wasted time my home at thirty two. Who thinking about that but sometimes you just get caught up in the moment. Listen i have a girlfriend. She kept her apartment until last week less than has been living with her man because she's still undecided whether or not she wants to have kids and she knows that if she ever decides that they for sure when she it's for sure they will break up. She knows that

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