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This is a Bloomberg money minute how and when the U. S. economy actually opens it is really anyone's guess but blue chip planemaker Boeing is taking the first few steps in that direction today the company is re opening its Seattle area commercial aircraft assembly plants about twenty seven thousand people are returning to work for now just to talk of an economic re opening it's been enough to send stock prices higher the market as shown weekly gains in each of the last two weeks that's the first time that has happened since February but chief strategist Tony Dwyer over at Canaccord Genuity worries the market may be getting ahead of itself I'm having a hard time maintaining the current level of rally in the market without some kind of economic underpinnings once again this week investors will be closely watching the government's report on the first time jobless claims and reports on new and existing home sales may give us an idea of the pandemic's impact on the housing market from the Bloomberg news room I'm Denise Pellegrini on WTOP it's two fifty six who wants to come I do thanks don't thank me they need of Americans native Americans gave me chewing gum I didn't know that yes they also give you parkas and canoes and snow levels dobies and chaps electroplating really so many things like cross ham makes baby bottles and compass camouflage aspirin aspirin I don't know that either yep and hi axioms maple syrup syringes umbrellas vanilla freeze drying herbs peppers more it's a kick people dot org keeping popcorn if you're caring for someone with Alzheimer's disease the Alzheimer's foundation of America helpline is open seven days a week to answer questions.

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