Michael Union, Cavaliers, Isaiah Thomas discussed on The Right Time with Bomani Jones - Aaron Rodgers not defined by football


A look going on fellow love the show uh especially michael union with due on sunday you guys have any role in um however i'm going to try to be unbiased it's possible an celtics fan but bit hold the weight these events have unfolded just reeks of won a bronze in genius mind games where he he sees the end of the road come and um this the cavaliers don't have that many in the way of asked that going forward especially to get new blood at talent in there for this coming up playoff run um and it just looks like he's trying to drag another team um especially the team he went to the eastern conference finals against this past year ended the mud and wrestle with them a little bit and now they're entertain in the books offer if this when just quote unquote happens to fall through i just don't see what it seems like danny aims wouldn't risk his entire credibility of of ford and fox information of isaiah thomas and his injury concerns to them that they shouldn't have seen anything more than what what kind of you know damage goods quote unquote they were getting from the celtics what are you guys think about all this and that's a heck of a conspiracy theories of the common listen we all like to joke and take liberties with the amount of power that lebron's got in cleveland blunt for a guy that's already rumored to be on the way out i don't know why this would be part of either the parting gift or curse in all of this the idea that he would be the one trying to actively get more for the cavaliers year and all this.

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