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I was a kid i had to earn born man. You had to wait 'til your friends. Dad went into town on business. You're gonna pull down a rickety spring loaded attic ladder you had to crawl up into a dusty spider ridden fucking crawls base bores through cardboard boxes. You find an eight millimeter real. Then what learn how to work a fucking projector. That's what and after all that. You got silent bushy borne and if there was a sound drag it was always so fucked up. She couldn't understand over global beauty his senior. Inner ear pain is inter rear. Watched the mood. We had one. That was two years younger than us and he went. Gee it or know look she gonna now yet but she will watch the film note to self who it enter mao so laurie tomiichi goes my class. Name she goes. You're going to need to talk to your son about sex. It's time and i said well you're right. It is does she goes. When are you going to do it. Ron said he's going to be at the house this weekend so i'll talk to him then said okay. Fine marshall turn off television. Turn it off. I need talk to you all right. So i wanna talk to you about sex. All dan come on. Now you're fifteen years old but it's time we had this talk and he goes okay. Said clitoris is as sensitive is an eyeball zanu. Did all don't go. Rubbing ownership is dry internet. Tv bag on boy. What about safe sex. Daddy has never saved. Her husband's always come home. That's a fucking so smart man. I just can't believe how smart kids today he can. Answer any question that you can come up with in two seconds office phone. He's a computer freak anyway but you ask any question matter world geography world history among note and a song written three hundred years ago clearview there. It is when i was a kid. I had to believe my mother. That's it that's all. I had mommy. Weird rainbows come from well. Three thousand years ago in eight hundred year. Old man named no was commissioned by the lord to build a giant ship and all the animals too bad to try to run that crap kid today. They're like click. Click bullshit me porn where you're both falker. My mother did know they enter a question. I had to go to the library. Which is a building where they used to store the knowledge. Now there's a place where homeless people piss. But my mother used to drop me off at the library. When i was a kid and now it's always so intimidated by because it was so big you had to be quiet because the knowledge is sleeping and had to learn a decimal system made up by some fuck named dewey. Then you had to peruse one hundred thousand square foot building with volumes of knowledge for florida zealand ceiling to floor. You had to cross reference dewey's bullshit with the author's name and the card catalog and you finally get to the place where the knowledge that you seek is opposed to be and it might not fucking be there. Where's the knowledge that a seek somebody else got it. What are they going to bring back. They keep it for a month. Burn nickel how much to learn what. I need to know your mother. My mother doesn't know how to work a projector. She's in dental school for bucks. Don't try to do the math on that bit. It'll just talk yup up. The guy actually stopped my show a few weeks ago and he goes when i wait a minute now if you were back in las vegas that's when you broke tooth and that's when your mother went to dental school and now you're seven years old you say in your mother's already we'll back to really. You had no problem with pearl jumping on my stomach and say she can have all my baby at the same time but the math on is one joke has got you so fucked up after. Talk your day. The internet changed everything and certainly changed the way people don't buy music over. The record industry is on its ear man because what they manufacture became easier to steal than it is to buy. And that's just a fact of nature these days and they'll figure it out but i used to sell millions of comedy albums and now it's hard to sell them. It's just so fucking ripping off just.

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