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I helped super successful people. You know they're recovering overachievers. Put the soul back in their lives and I help soulful people create success on this show topics range from the mystic to logistic and our content will support being. And you're doing while on your path the create better life and better work more is not better better is better. Shall we record toward a podcast. Who Remembers the name of the movie? The shall we play a game name episode. Eighty you guys Allison Crowe here and we're recording a podcast. It is the full moon January tenth two thousand in twenty at the time of this recording. And yes I'm recording live on facebook because that's the way I like to do it and so what are we talking about today honestly. I'm not quite sure yet. But we'll see I'm gonNA share some things that are on my mind. Sometimes maybe the you create this way to like you all this pressure on yourself to create a certain way one of the things that I know that my clients often struggle list is is what happened to save valuable. I better create something valuable in the coming weeks. I'm going to be sharing. Some recordings warnings of a couple of live sessions and doing a series of live sessions with some of my clients. We're doing them live on facebook so that you could witness coaching sessions and one of the things that came up with one of my clients was like this idea that we have to perform great contents. We have to perform organized content for clients to be valid onto US really powerful. It's going to be the session with new Yama and it's interesting. What does this happen to you like when you start to? There's a difference between forcing and flowing and only start to try versus is who we be in what we do things get a little wonky and so I know it's nothing new that I sit down and think I go. I have to record a podcast. And then my brain gets all up in it and it becomes difficult and always reminds me also just flow and so today they were just GonNa rip if you're an audience member you're here watching. Is there anything you want to ask or riff about a minute. Share some things that have been on my mind and we'll see where where we land. This is one of the things that I know that when you are a human being who creates who learns who consumes mindfully and who moves with awareness throughout the world up sometimes we navigate in a spiral until the center is found and says some of the things that are on my mind right now personally has been the loss of my aunt combined with the new baby being born. We had had a ceremony a graveside ceremony for my aunt this weekend. I'm sorry not this weekend this last week. It is January tenth that I'm still messed up on the days from the holiday so we had a short little graveside service for my aunt. It was actually very funny. My aunt was eighty eight when she passed away in December and Some of her colleagues from San Antonio came up for the service. She was flown in her box. By my cousin from Santa Fe where she's lived the last few years and it was really cute The few people that spoke about her role like she gave me a computer. She gave me a computer too. She gave me a computers. Give me computer. So here's my aunt. Eighty eight years old and she has been blessing people in our lives with computers and education. She certainly blessed me and my family with computers. Here's way before anybody had computers and it was so cute at the end. The minister who performed the service that will I did not know Joe Ed but I wish I had 'cause I probably used computer back then and it was really sweet to see. How not only did she touch? Our family members lives but there was a woman there her this story so at the end of like the Bible verses and the the little homily just a short little homily that the ministers charity. Does Anybody WanNa talk in this. One woman shoots are hand up from the back of the tent. It's like I WANNA talk. And she's got a little bit of a Texas accent and she She said Joe Crow changed my life. I'm Joanne Dan when I worked in the nursing school and she created the computer lab and that computer lab scared me. I didn't like it but Joe in helped me learn it then one day Joann said I could go out her her house on the river and I went out to her house on the river just for a little vacation. She let me stay in that house for thirty and at that House I went outside was around nature and I really thought I WANNA become a wildlife biologist just because I spent some Tom Nature that weekend and our came back to the learning center not told Joanne how much I enjoyed. Let us stay in her house on the river and that I wanted to be a wildlife biologist. Joanne bought me a computer. She came over to my house and she helped me set it up and she plugged into the printer and she plugin again the Monitor and I applied to graduate school and I became a wildlife biologist and it was just she was just so proud. This was a senior woman who was a contemporary of my aunt. Joanne's probably not eight years old but getting up there and she was so cute how she was just like joey literally changed her life. And so that's been on my mind fine leaving that legacy legacy of changing one person's life and I guarantee if you change one person's life I think sometimes especially in this online world like we feel feel like we have to change an audience's life and what we can do is actually really just be who we are. That's what Joann was generous risk of heart generous of money generous of interest. One of the things that came up at her funeral was that she show she took an interest based in us. That's absolutely true. And so that was on my mind and then that that also brings up In my own own stuff so my brothers baby was born. I've mentioned that on the podcast a couple of times but my brothers the baby was born. And that's the newest crow and super excited for him and cat and seeing being my brother. My brother is forty six about to be forty seven. I'm forty seven about forty eight and seeing my brother with a newborn baby who looks very much like him. You know there's a part of my heart. All of my heart is super happy for him cat in his baby and it it also touches a part of the heart of Alison me It touches a little bit of melancholy for the fact that I never had my own biological children that I've never been pregnant with something I always wanted to have with my own children and didn't work out that way and so there's a a little bit of there's a twinge of something It's not quite an emptiness but it's a twinge of wonder there's also so next to that twinge of wonder there is also a twinge of knowing that everything worked out perfect and then in light eight of seeing aunt Joanna and I mentioned this enjoy and service that Anjouan also did not have biological children as she did not have stepchildren. Either uh-huh and she was able to leave a legacy without having biological children and so it's kind of. It's just really sweet to see my brother at this age having his first child and super excited and he regularly sends us photos. And I'll be down this weekend at some point to you get a little bit more baby love and spend some time with them. So that's been on my mind and then also this first week back From getting back into the swing of things with my own clients with so full success with business calls with life calls and I started as as a client in my own mastermind with my coach so I decided last October to join. A high high-level both high level in luxury high level in time attention and skill mastermind. And I'm super excited excited to be a part of this cohort of women business owners And so I had right after after the funeral this week I also it was really important to me to be on the very first call for the opening container and so I sat in a car in parking lot and I connected with the other members of my cohort with I coach and then I also on Wednesday had my first coaching Ching session with her. And I'll be darned Zych aright of already gotten the value out of what I've invested and some really even on that very first call some very powerful things came up. Part of what came up was releasing the old releasing the old stories. I'm releasing not only not not just the lightheaded stories okay. I'll tell you another story when I went to an Joanne's funeral. She was cremated so she had a box and her Box was going to be buried in the plot next to my grandparents Thelma Joe Crow and my the grandparents. My Dad's parents. Thelma and Joe Crow were wealthy They came from Oklahoma to Texas and and my grandfather was a real estate developer in Texas and I grew up with lots of stories as about my grandparents. My grandparents. My Mom and Dad's parents are my dad's parents a crow grandparents lived behind the House that my mom and dad still live in. My Dad has three siblings now. Tour de there's two left to have passed And I like all of us. Do we grow up with family stories. And so I had a combination of family stories and personal experiences with microgram parents. Honestly most of my face to face experiences with micro grandparents were holidays. I would I would go and get to spend like over the night overnight with my mom's parents and it was very warm and cozy and we you know had meals together and we went fishing together but my grandparents who live behind us yet. That didn't happen. There was not a warm and cozy although my grandmother was always very it kind and artistic but it was what I remember was very a formality. Like don't touch anything and so we go to a walk up. There's they've got the green tent over the graveside and her apply is right next to Belmont and Joe and I looked down and I see Thelma. NGOs NGOs Gravestone and I had a story in my mind my entire life. y'All I lived on the is treat. This the Austin Memorial cemetery is in the center of Austin and for ten years. I own a house hung street and I I been to that graveside before I used to go in high school. My grandfather and grandmother died before my grandfather mcgruther died when I was a junior in high school. I've walk through that cemetery of to their graveside founded always known where it was when I walked up to it this Tuesday just four days ago. I was like who changed grandma and GRANDPA's like they got a new headstone number. It was like no that's the headstone. That's always been there and I made up the story. I own this story that my grandparents headstone was the giant black granite rectangle L. Beast of an ostentatious rack like us the story somewhere. I don't know where there it was given to me or how I made a story in the fact was that their headstone was just a normal was a normal married couple headstone where you have the his in her and it was not huge and it wasn't tall like I thought it was just made up that it was this big black rectangle and it wasn't like that at all off off and so of course I was like okay. I got some stories in my head so then I have my coaching session and And these are some of the things I've been processing. cussing is like what are the stories. I've been carrying about my family. What are the stories have been carrying about life at aren't really true and without going into details because some things are just for me? I think it's a really helpful to do from time to time. especially as we start something new you and I noticed in myself this week. Also just because it was new year's I kinda wanted to be quickly done with the old year I wanted to be quickly done with the old and at times. It is not a quick journey. We talk about this often in Soho success. That success success is the progress towards a worthy goal. It is not the achievement of a worthy goal. Anybody that's ever achieved. Anything knows that upon achievement after the shine wears there's off there's a there's actually let down and so that the success is the Progress and so I am making making progress releasing old in creating new. And wouldn't it be nice if I woke up like on New Year's Day it was like I know exactly what I want to create in my life and I know this I know for that so I just wanted to share that to also noticed many of my colleagues feeling that way. I mean some of you guys. y'All know you're ready. You're in the fresh energy and some of you are still in winter and the card that I pulled for the full moon yesterday morning was about follow your cycles really trusting your cycles and I will say hey get myself a little pat on the shoulder that you know once..

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