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So it was probably the antar ticked architecture but i would love to work in the arctic yeah in the arctic so that was actually the yeti crab that i talked about is where that was found and so i was on one of the expeditions that explored the first ever hydrothermal vents discovered in the southern ocean and it was just laid in with the yeti crabs as well as stoked panicles almost like car washes with the with the push through the komo's and you've got the scrum than wash qasr that's pretty much it just because it was so laden with monica lls science friday from wnyc studios talking about what's what's what's undo this e with diva ayman a marine biologist and a research fellow with the natural museum natural history museum in london when i was an aunt dr many years ago i saw people who were fishing for the what they call it the antarctic cod because they were looking for the blood to see the talk about and those days the antifreeze that was in the blood of the fish but they would talk about stuff i mean because they shelf drops off right there right the continental shelf just dives right down and you can go really deep off that shelf on find stuff very deep underwater that's not just an antarctic i mean the bahamas as well they're lots of places where the drop off is actually really close to land curabaz bahamas and so on it's actually just sort of a stone's throw away not as remote and far as you would think so what do you what what would be your dream find you talked about a muscular muscle you pulled up.

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