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He just had him everywhere and he was one of the early guys to do that to to develop a stable and he was he was in the top. I believe three top three trainers in the country during that period. Top three four five mainly with claiming horses ton of claiming horses and he. He was training for a stable called. The ragavan esposito was named might ring a bell with a lot of people today. And i'm talking about late seventies. Because i say with john until eighty one when i went to work for brennan to process and ragavan zito were the original sheets guys that from whence came lend friedman jerry brown and all those that are graph and everything they all really came from. Those are the original sheets sheets players and they would call up john because he was. He was primarily acclaiming stable and had a barn full of horses he probably had. I don't know. I want to save forty horses at monmouth that which was the maximum back in those days Trainers could only have as many horses that they could fit in a barn so the biggest stable on the grounds woo biggest stables where the guys that had their own barn a full bar. Some guys would have five or six stalls horses they had but The zito would call would come in in the morning. They'd say okay. The third race claim. This horse and john would remember in the early days. He'd go and they go over any stand at the rail and because he was very very methodical he he was very precise about everything he did. Give everything a lot of thought. So he'd go over and stand at the rail and the horse would come in the paddock and he'd look at schick head look at the knee or the ankle or whatever on the horse and and he tells them there no cell phones in those days. Of course all was going back and forth on the payphones can't claim the sources and they'd say claim. Don't look don't look and of course ties you bring them back to the barn and those were the days. When there weren't all the was no the scrutiny that there is now a days you know horses passed the vet in the morning. They got over there and and ran in a lot of times. The claiming game was brutal. Back in those days guys were tapping horses and dropping them and trying to get rid of them and that was the way the game was played but But john he trained for them and vance stable of arthur burg huge. And and a guy named dennis hird who was also There were all those Sheets gambling guys and they would claim a horse and running back on and they'd raise them back. Then you had to raise the horses you at every track you had to raise them at least twenty five percent of which claimed him for so if you claimed them for ten thousand b had to run for the next time and if there wasn't a twelve five you'd run for fifteen or sixteen or twenty or something so but they they They correctly identified so many horses. That i mean nowadays to the word. Sheet is in every every Horse players vocabulary. Isn't it no doubt And you know you. You've mentioned the late seventies i just. I glanced at at his the districts that i don't think because you know john had gotten involved on the management side these last ten fourteen years give or take and so his name hasn't been in the in the entries a crazy year for him. That was probably our most fun year. I recall one day that we were laughing. We had a horse in at five different tracks. We had a horse into new york. Monmouth pennsylvania two tracks and pennsylvania and one in maryland. And you know it's just like bernie would go one way stevie brown who trains new york. Now steve brown was was. John had both stephen paddock. Were kind of both assistance. At that point they had come from. They all come from the the big john tomorrow. What we referred to as john tomorrow junior. Everybody called him big. John and i think john forbes and john tomorrow the third who trains down in maryland he trained in jersey longtime as well. They were both assistance to big john. And mcburney and and stephen brown were grooms or four men and and they all became part of the forbes system that year was an outlier year giant it. Over twelve hundred starters and two hundred and something winners. Yep yeah we get to a certain point in the morning and he'd say okay entering here entering their and then call him back. This racist going. What do you want it was. It was like playing level chess. it was really fun. One thing about that too. That's a may do. This is unbelievable. Twelve hundred starters not one steak every all allowances claiming and maiden races. Yeah he just didn't have those kind of horses back in those days. He had a couple of owners. He had a fellow named fred. Kohler from dan virginia had had a horse name the the cool virginian and he had a filly named fred and ginger and and he had known her named john. Pollock was one of his big mainstays from maryland horses and then he had a guy named bill floyd from fairway farm in kentucky. Bill floyd had some nice horses with him and he had a jersey guy named rich trunk own but but they were all basically guys that had claiming horses and john at some point to around eighty. I think he started thinking. Maybe i should move into trying to upgrade. And i remember. We bought a horse for a guy who has just dabbling in the game. That i happen to know.

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