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Appointments to children's hospital had ophthalmologist and later those were every three months for all her growing up years and you know i had to work with my growing daughter to understand how we think about this in christian science and that was ongoing and it was our many sunday school in the car driving to and from on every appointment so i kept praying and knowing and going back to the practitioner to work with me we were delving deep into the bible and the science and health and studying how jesus healed just keeping on going back to that and we laugh together as she told me no you just need to take your toth the bottom of the swimming pool and yup i thought she was right that leap of faith and knowing that all is complete god's perfect working so over the years my daughter did continue to surprise the doctors as her marcus on all the different tests and milestones for her site continued to improve finally they said she could go to a regular ophthalmologist didn't we left the hospital forever and my daughter was completely healed in fact the eye specialist said that she needs no special comment on her driver's license and that her eyes are healthy in every way over the years my daughter never received any surgeries or medical treatments she never received any medicines not even eyedrops other than you know when they're looking in the doctor's office but nothing that we were required to do the specialists that look at her say to me if we did do the surgeries and if we did do the things that we would have done we've never achieved the result that your daughter has today so they call it a spontaneous healing and she's just very blessed very blessed and his blessings deepened my study of christian science and allowed me to help other children and mothers who were seeking the truth for their children so there's no limit to what god can do that was susan richards to wit from vancouver british columbia canada hello i'm deborah master a christian science practitioner from likely on michigan vice to share an experience i had showing clear proof that the laws of god that christ jesus practiced are still available.

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