Securities Fraud, New York, White House discussed on Sean Hannity


Sarah fox news the family of the man killed in his apartment by a now former Dallas police officer speaking before the court as the sentencing is under way for amber Geiger he was found guilty of murder earlier today in the killing of boffin John I'm not able to work but I just try to busy myself just to see if. to get out of my head. but it's been very very very difficult his mother Allison John Geiger faces five to ninety nine years in prison her lawyers had said she was tired after working a long shift and thought John department was her it's a federal judge siding with an Ivy League school in a discrimination lawsuit fox's colonel Scott has more life lease a district judge Alison burrows in her ruling says Harvard university's admissions standards fall within the letter of the law however at the same time she said it's not a perfect system the group's students for fair admission argued the Ivy League school favored personal ratings of but of potential students over academic credentials they argue that allowing that allowed more Hispanic and black students in Harvard is that race is a factor in admissions but is only one factor among many lawyers were students were fair admission say they plan to appeal the district court's decision but all day after he resigned from Congress former New York congressman Chris Collins plead guilty data insider trading authorities say he lied confidential information about a drunk company owns admitted to among other things illegally tipping his son while standing on the White House lawn US attorney for the Southern District of New York Jeffrey Berman he was set to go to trial next year on conspiracy securities fraud and other charges Collins will be sentenced in January Wall Street at the close the Dow lost three in a forty three points nasdaq felt ninety is in P. off thirty six America's listening.

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