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He mix commission for sales made through. The guy's everything is fine. Bring up what we found out about renee zellweger and and said and it has wondering are they moving way too fast. We'll get into it next. I mean this is so cute for how this is so these are phenomena. I mentioned. it's a hard since we found out about renee zellweger at an asset and now they're reports. She's moving things into his house. Take a look at these photos. Do you think that's really what's going on bringing stop. I mean i loved it. Everyone just know cute like look at them. They're doing balcony shots like they could avoid this like they're definitely like not giving it all up but they're definitely not hiding it away i am. Do we know how they met. Should i know that both of the beach like she is living down there right now. According to reports the near living together and no no no she has been there. For a minute you know during the pandemonium looped. They just met walking on the single. He's single day. Noah publicists to like. I'm sure it happened that way. Not sure other pitchers the bill maher hooked up and everything. 'cause i'm like i saw those pictures is like. Yeah that's the sign a good loving. That's what i think yes. She's moving in and people talking too fast not taste. Something rene is what in her forties. We got time no good love it and he got money that money and he's he's an attractive man attracted british at. I know a british. I like you. I like that. I like that. I didn't know that for her. It's been a while since she's had been and she does this. She does long term relationships remember. She was with bradley cooper for all those years and then he went. On kenny. chesney lasted was an experience beach photos that was last photos. We saw them together. That met her very nice woman. She recognizes she watches shows. So i like her. I wish the best. I tune we all do. Hopefully watch shock on the other side of the love spectrum erica. Jane says she found evidence husband. Tom was cheating on her but she didn't do anything about it. Here's a went down on the real housewives of beverly hills last night. I can't wait to watch it. I found the evidence was text. Messages was pictures..

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