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One to avoid pressure is gonna be a late hit, foul penalty marker came out late. Handbook had Michel Mayor and Ben Saronic open. He just need to set his feet and let the ball customer power left in the pastor. Defense number 47 $15 to the previous spot automatic. First down big thing to do in big games. You have to make the most of a gift as a coach told us 15 yards where you've been struggling against this Alabama defense. Get some get something from this. This is some momentum that you did not earn. Make sure you capitalize on that call went against defensive lineman for Alabama. Byron is young 15 yards. Notre Dame will take it on the ball moves up now to Notre Dame's 44 yard line, First down and send book in the shotgun, three pass catchers to his rights on Michael Mayer to his left along with Kyron Williams, who's in the backfield with him. Book was just looking on. Word is sidelined, Got the play related to his offensive lineman now waits for the snap takes the ball drops back. Four man Rush book in trouble Still in trouble Down, he goes middle of the field in book Sacked Christian bar. More first team, all SEC, his seventh sack of the season. Big one, their loss of 14, and he was just working on the right side of the offensive line for Notre Dame and seek Carell and also Tommy Kramer just was not Able to stop his brush, or they just gave back all but one of the 15 yards They got on the late hit call roughing the passer. So now it's second down, 24 backed up to their own 30. Here's where Alabama starts to separate themselves from their opponents all year long. Okay, you think you're the game? Find out One injured offensive player. That's the important media time out. He had both just took a seat on on the near hash on the 27 yard line. He has to Athletic trainers.

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