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A a police officer who would teach rape prevention ended up being a rapist, and we're able to Lincoln forensically through a badge the fibers from the basical badge. We're on the victims that we got into the interrogation and able to get a confession out of him. A big one that we did part of our thirty six uh serial killers. In the initial study was got him Gerald Shafer in Florida. He balanced from department to department small departments, and and they would get rid of him. But they give him a good recommendation. Just so they get get rid of him. He ended up getting caught. He he picked up two girls hitchhiking in his police vehicle took him through a motel later on it came back the next day to pick them up in his personal car on his personal car. He had a trailer hitch and his thing would be sex. Hanging. So he took these girls out into no no area high up to the one of the girls got away got away. And then the rest was made. Then the starts. Search was done of his residence. We had diaries where he wrote about some previous crimes at the police never really tied anything to him. They found some Keith belonging to victims as well in the search warrant, so he was good. He was convicted them onto they Lincoln like about thirty thirty homicides, and he was killed in nineteen ninety-five at other inmate stabbed today in prison down in Florida. So when you hear that would you hear something like that does that bring you some sense of relief or or Justice, or how do you how do you process that? Yeah. I I've I have. When it comes to death valley. I've changed a little bit a little bit here. I was on a panel two weeks ago, New York with Amanda Knox. I helped him in the next get out of prison in Italy. And also heard of the case the west Memphis three. Oh, yeah. Totally. Yeah. I case very close series. And so I helped Damien Echols was on the path. And Joe Berlinger was on the panel with mix. I helped him get out of prison with Peter Jackson director Lord of the rings. Brought me in at the time. Everything was secret along with this group of forensic. You know, you know, experts. So you see cases like that. And now that I'm out of the bureau. I I couldn't do these kind of cases in the bureau, but now out of your I've been helping on cases where I I see false. Confessions have been been given by innocent people wrongful wrongful convictions like in the west Memphis three like Amanda Knox with where they bring. In a tag team match the case, Amanda Knox. They brought in ten police officers. Detectives who interrogator attack team over forty hours to break down and always say an innocent person is easy to ensure gate, then then the criminal himself or herself because the innocent person when they're curated by some say corrupt the investigator. They think that the person being targeted this will be over here. The truth will come out. I get my attorney they'll know that. And but meanwhile, you confess or you've you've signed a confession and problem too. Is that it should be required everywhere, including FBI FBI doesn't use. This is is the Cape tape the interrogation tape, the interviews. And I mean from the beginning to the end not not turning the tape recorder on after you got to. Because you've made or a scrupulous cop me. Facts of the case. Now, you regurgitating back. So all the jurors here is oh, yeah. He knew everything about the case. So he him so. So I changed. But when I see these predatory types and his his all kinds of evidence that we have all. Yeah. Not just I witnessed testimony or some jailhouse snitch or something like that that. Yeah. I I I worry that. And I get a lot of calls from people are saying in because my attitude when I when people say Minnesota. Oh, yeah. Prisons are fully innocent. You know, people kinda sarcastically. But they are we have a case in Virginia here Norfolk four four four navy then independently confessed to a crime they had nothing to do with. And they got a concession. But then his DNA to match, but then they got him to give another navy man's name cough up a name. They did an interrogation the DNA. Did this? What.

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