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Wait dinner a abbott. Do you remember it dan. Dan success cliqued off party. We that is not only the nine. Oh two another theme song. Also the song. I lost my hand virginity to in case you have a gas tori. Spelling is our guest today. This is a dream. Of course you know her She's famous and iconic for playing donna martin on the original nine. Oh two one. Oh probably my favorite character of any show of all time She's written six books. She's created television. Show starring in a show called messy nece on mtv. It's kind of like america's funniest home videos but like the adult version that people actually want to watch and it's where like tori spelling and snooky from the jersey shore. They poke fun at themselves. And people they show videos of people doing dumb things so if you enjoy watching drunk people humiliate themselves watched the show messina's or my g stories tori spelling. She was a hero of mine growing up and after sitting with her for a couple of hours. She's even more of a hero. Not only she hilarious in his interview. She's smart she's self-aware shall so drinks cheap rosa which is basically the only thing i look for in a friend. I love the i. Emily did at this episode. We had to cut a couple of things out because we got communist comically drunk loose. So i did most of the time but to be fair i feel like i feel. We got very casual and it was more of a hang You know emily. What's your diagnosis of. I had a great time. The parsi remember then. Yeah that's the thing that's where we got a little too wasted. Why are we find one to edit. Because i was there. But when i watch it wasn't didn't matter know because you spent most of the time tried to breastfeed hedgehogs. She brought little mini. Albino hedgehog so that does happen on the show and i just want to be very clear in this episode. I save like a lot it was. It's really grading. But i was very drunk. So i just want to be very clear i stand by everything i said. I just don't remember saying any of it. Yeah but it's good to stamp and then you guys know that we are on the road you know where to find. Tickets whitney cummings dot com. I don't wanna bore you with all the shows but we should be very clear that we are selling exclusive merge at the live shows of the touch me tour. You cannot buy.

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