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Hour. It's now moving across southeastern Virginia is expected to bring heavy rain, strong winds and tornadoes to the mid Atlantic states before heading into New England later today. A new NPR Ipsos poll finds broad support for more aggressive national action to slow the spread of the Corona virus and to help people struggling economically. And 3/4 of Americans now support rules requiring mask wearing in public. NPR's Brian Man has more. The survey found deep dissatisfaction among Americans with the federal government's response to the Cova 19 crisis so far, with 2/3 of people pulled, saying the U. S is doing a worse job than other countries. Sophie McClelland took part in the survey from Florida, which has seen a surge of new Corona virus cases. I think we're doing worse for one. I don't think that we have adequate testing, the Ipsos poll found Nearly 60% of Americans would support a mandatory nationwide shelter at home or Or lasting two weeks to slow the virus spread. 2/3 won a national plan for when schools and businesses should reopen. Brian Man NPR news The number of cruise ship passenger is testing positive for the Corona virus continues to rise. After an outbreak in Norway, 43 cases are confirmed and hundreds who travelled on the ship are in self isolation settle over guard reports. The 1st 4 crew members were admitted to a hospital on Friday in Trump's air where the ship is now docked and where passengers were allowed to disembark. Norwegian media report. The cruise ship company and Norwegian health authorities were aware of a possible issue on Wednesday when an earlier passenger tested positive. The company Hurtigruten was told to issue an alert but failed to do so. Company officials have apologized and admitted making mistakes. 40 Gruden has now suspended operations and Norway has closed all ports to cruise ships for two weeks. The country has otherwise enjoyed a relatively low number of Corona virus cases and began opening to tourists in mid June for NPR news. I'm Cecil over guard in violent Denmark, Indian authorities have imposed a curfew in many parts of Indian controlled Kashmir. Anticipation of protests planned for tomorrow office fifth marks one year since India revoked the disputed regions semi autonomy. This is NPR news Live from news on Brian what public health officials and experts are warning that millions of tenants could face evictions if state protections and on August 14th as scheduled, they say, if renters air made homeless, this could quicken the spread of covert 19. Doctor Bhandari. Mace is thie, interim health officer. For Sonoma County will be very difficult to shelter in place. If you are out of housing or homeless evictions would overburden our health care system with more People being prone to illness. A spokesman for the California apartment Association, said in a statement that the industry group is encouraging owners to work with tenants on repayment plans and that greater government assistance is needed. Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors plans to decide today whether to place a Caltrain tax measure on the November ballot. The proposed 1/8 sent sales tax is at the center of a battle among three counties that Caltrain serves. San Francisco in Santa Clara counties want more of a say in governing the rail agency, which has been managed for nearly three decades by San Mateo County, Sam Trance. Santa Clara County Supervisor Cindy Chavez. What we'd like to do is make sure that governance gets resolved, particularly given the significant amount of investment that's being asked of all three counties. San Mateo and San Francisco counties have passed clashing versions of the measure, which would raise more than $100 million a year and keep stand Breck. He will join us with Mohr on this story at 6 22 I'm Brian what MediaNews Support comes from California building trades who believes that poverty and housing can't be solved by driving construction workers into poverty. Support for NPR comes from Trader Joe's, where integrity and Information guide every decision every day in every store, Maura, Trader Joe's dot com and the listeners and members of Here's Joe McConnell with some better news Now in the commute.

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