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It's perfect the perfect size. Of course because at primarily each line is just a copy of masters of the universe fifty bucks on amazon. Wow yeah totally reasonable. Probably working fifty dollars where the plastic that thing. Yeah i mean it's just like vacuum vacuum is plastic What we vacuum plastic like we were talking before. So it's honestly it's it's real easy to. You are tweeting about that earlier this week. Weren't you over the weekend. yeah. I wasn't mentioned this but i saw it might as well people. 'cause people are interested. Garbage pail kids thirty fifth anniversary. Popped up. i got this on amazon. i'm kind of kind of fatigued from garbage pail kids and the thing with this. It's there's some new cards in it but it's mostly Read prints of stuff that i have dozens of dozens and dozens dozens of of from like the when i've been over buying stuff for the last few years so probably done collecting garbage pail kids well for this season. Nothing here's that great This this makes me so happy. Though i i saw this on long years ago and i don't know if you guys are familiar with gyro jaru there the Point manufacturer of like really crappy. Licensed toys like If there was a knight rider toy. That's like Nightrider dog tag. Which makes no sense. Or or a popeye bouncy ball popeye's head in it which is a real thing and i have ball helmet. Now it's something that would fit on a card that you could buy at a gas station. I just learned that. These spock helmet existed in the seventy s. And just kinda blows my mind. Yeah i go ahead. I think that was actually migo thing. But probably yeah but jaru they make crappy crappy Toys for poor kids. Basically is what it is l. j. n. Toy story does that make sense So this makes perfect sense. This is something that i for years From my favorite tv show and It is a mash sunglasses on card on card. The card is beautiful. It's it's from nineteen eighty-one the is in perfect shape more or less. It looks brand new. Yeah and sunglasses say mash on them. this was on ebay The seller pointed out this was bought an estate sale. Which is where we're gonna wind up at my steed sales you laugh with really sad. Yeah i know. I'm going to try to clear out a lot of this stuff but this is one thing when i'm gonna keep kim my kids one. We're going to sell this at some point after dead. So but yeah this makes me happy. I'm actually going to look for a nice like plastic case to put it into mike. I'm not embarrassed to say how much paid for. It was only like thirty dollars so it could have been a lot worse now. Pitching brian with way single tall with a single spotlight and all this and the detail is at one pair of sunglasses..

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