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And we just talked about Alan Robertson being the best player on the field in the prior game. Melvin Ingram was the best football player. We saw all day today in my opinion. He in a game where the chargers the narrative coming in was helped physically dominated they were. And how would they respond not only from that angle? But strategically and it came out after the game, and we saw this right away that they were using six and seven defensive backs up at the line all over the place to handle Baltimore's tangle of runners with Lamar Jackson the rest of them. They out of fifty nine snaps you seven defensive backs on fifty eight. And it was a by Gus Bradley who was jettison does Jacksonville's coach he's back in Los Angeles as defensive coordinator an excellent game plan that really up until the very end the floor never fell out on any level. They put such a clamp on the Mark Jackson. And they basically also asked Lamar Jackson to play a mistake free game, which he is not able to do there. The I eight snaps there were three fumbles by the ravens. Lamar Jackson was lucky not to lose two of them right away. And then Kenneth Dixon lost on the second possession. A game changing fumble that set up a field goal. The chargers had to deal with essentially settle for field goals over and over because of Baltimore's defense. But then Baltimore's defense. It's too much to ask them to do this all game long to and finally gave up points, and they built a twenty three to three lead. And then the ravens hung on came back a little bit. But this to me was the one of the more incredible coaching efforts by the chargers defensive staff that we've seen all year. Oh, it's counterintuitive right? You facing the greatest running team that we've seen in years. Let's get way lighter. Let's put seven defensive backs on the field. It doesn't sort of make sense. But they know their players they know that the ravens running attack is at its best go into the outside. They have ballers. I mean there when James was every. Where Adrian Phillips had a monster game at safety, and that kind of strategy counts on Ingram and Bosa in the guys up front to create pressure on their own and Ingram got it done. And how about channel new oh Soo kind of the forgotten draft pick on that team ends up making the game sealing play the second round pick that they had behind her wouldn't James it's it's the forgotten unit in this game was the chargers defense coming in. And they're the ones that the ravens in the first half had sixty nine yards. Just eleven through the air two turnovers zero points, not a single play in enemy territory and had twelve minutes of possession. That is anti ravens from what we've seen the last six weeks you Greg had it, right? You said in the lead up to this game that it could benefit the chargers to have played Baltimore. So recently, they got beat handily three weeks ago. I was skeptical of that because I thought it would carry more weight. But what what ended up working out was is what we're hearing about the game plan. They studied that tape, and they said Lamar checks, and we know how to make this guy miserable in that could flip the entire game on its ear. And that's what they pulled off their defense had the best game of the season for them. And the elven Ingram had his best game of the season. Derwin James has been good all your Adrian Phillips has been good all year that play that they're win Jane's made in the open field on the Mark Jackson to force the fourth down. And then instead of going for the fourth down the ravens attempted the field goal NPR field goal, by the way to me that was right up there. Like one of the two most important plays of the game right there. And I think the difference. Was field position. Philip rivers didn't do any more than Lamar Jackson did. But he didn't give the ball to his defense and say here defend only fifteen yards. We'll Jackson's got a fumbling problem. He led the league in fumbles despite starting only seven games, and you fumbled a few times in a lot of times. It's been unforced errors on these passing problem. Right. Well, the the accuracy to the outside certainly isn't there?.

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