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We gotta fix it because I don't think the answer's on that roster, you know? Well, they explore Matt Stafford may be making that kind of move. They don't have a ton of money, so that's gonna be a problem with a look into maybe, you know if there's a domino effect, let's just say the Jets are ready to move away from Sam Darnell's, which now might not be the case. Then maybe the 40 Niners take Sam Donna because I think you'd be perfect in their offense. And they let Garoppolo go, and he ends up in New England. So I think that could happen. If not, you gotta find one. You know in the draft, and you know, it's a tough thing to do. You got lucky one time when you got a six round quarterback who ended up being a hall of faith. And you can't count on that on a regular basis. So this draft you look at it. You know, Trevor large is going to Jacksonville. What do the Jets do it too. Maybe they stay with Donald. Maybe they don't was that were you know, you end up getting some of those other guys in the conversation. Including fields and Wilson, and maybe Trey Lance down the road. But if you look at that group of quarterbacks is New England and have an opportunity to get one. That's the million dollar question. Ryan Webber in for Jim Rome were spotlighting the NFL with Pete Prisco from CBS sports dot com Since I established our Pac 12 credentials, How about Justin Herbert at Oregon? I saw him play just about every significant game. I thought he was a solid quarterback, buddy. No way did I think he'd have this kind of impact. Let's go back to your draft analysis. How did you forecast things for Herbert coming out of Eugene? And what did you show on you when the rest of league this year? I love them coming out and then talking to scouts. Even had a tweeting people. We pull it out and throw it out there where I said, you know, talking to scouts of personnel guys, and this is after even I've watched them that they said that they wouldn't be shocked if he's goes before Tua. And I got killed for that one, and as it turned out, No, he did, And the reality is or he didn't. But the reality is he should have. And you know Miami might be. We'll get regretting that they got the wrong quarterback. Because this kid is the real deal. You know in Oregon was kind of miscast in that offense. I didn't think it was perfect for his skill set, even though he's an athletic quarterback. Now we go back in the pocket. Get the ball out. The one thing about the Chargers. They gotta be excited about the future. They have their long term answer for the next decade. That's a very comforting feeling for an organization. You spent many years covering the Jags. You know the culture of that organization if they have one, So, as you mentioned hopes coming, they've locked up the ability to draft Trevor Laurence. Do you see them, making a splashy higher and spending the dough to get a big name? Head coach? Well, are we? Meyer's name has been linked there. I know they've had conversations with him. It's just a matter of if they can. You know he wants to come back if if he's healthy enough if they do their due diligence, and they like him. How much clout and how much juice. Does he have any organization? I think that's a possibility. If not, then I think they're going to go the traditional way and, you know, find the general manager in a coach. I think there's a lot of good coaching candidates out there. And you know Arthur Smith, that Tennessee he's done a great job with that offense. You know, Arthur Smith is the son of Fred Smith is a you know, owns FedEx and from everybody I've talked to and I don't know, aren't they? But it from everybody I talked to that does know him very well. They say he's a grinder. He works his butt off. And the players respect him. That's the kind of coach you want your organization Robert follow in San Francisco. I think he's going to be a guy that Jacksonville will look at and should have done a great job with the 40 Niners defense. And the big question with him will be Who you bringing in the run the offense and what offense you running, Because clearly with Trevor Laurence there, you have to have the right system in place, so I think it's a lot of good coaching candidates out there as far as GM. You know those guys out? You have to find him coming up to the scouting breaks ranks. I was talking to him the other day, and he said, Look, I used to think this job was 50% scouting 50% the rest of it, But it's more 80% the rest of it in only 20% scouting. It's changed a lot. So you have to be a guy that can handle it, make the culture work, so I think they have a lot of You know options out there, and that's an attractive job. They have four picks right now in the 1st 44. And they have to in the first round, and they have a ton of cap room that thinking it turned around quickly Final thought on the Steelers. While we were having this conversation, I saw an update on a sports network that Pittsburgh's announced Mason Rudolph will start against Cleveland. Because the Steelers have nothing to play for the division champs. Everything on the line for Cleveland wind and the rain, they go the playoffs for the first time. In a long time..

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