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Happened has opened a judicial panel acquired. But that's a story for another day. The core is. This is a great trae similar to my findings stats. Nigeria's of national security is so politically tainted that there's perhaps the limits to the to physical violence that the government would miss out against citizens organized police force to crush any sorts of political opposition. Or any sort of headway and sort of disturbances to the stability of the central regime. The leckie massacres. is actually a product of this another Where the government remains wholly focused control of political power in the center but delegates with a very freehand the the fighter repression pop any political dissent to specialized units will get the army would apiece force who accountable to anyone domestically or internationally are commit. Violence insists however depletes burger. Listened british colonial rule. So we're ause unit police squidward where them all politically align to Give him artie or they just politically aligned to just funding from the central government. They are allegiance to whoever is in power that point in time until the niger. Police force before independence owed. Its allegiance to the british governor. General at the time and insolence switch to the prime minister and said these forces are up don't necessarily have any political leanings towards parties as long as a party can take over control of the center. Their allegiance is to the continuation of the units fire funding arm and proximity to power. I constitutionally does Is their remedy for for this. Because obviously i mean i'm telling you this because constitutionally we have the almost identical problems in iraq the difference being that we don't have a specialized unit. The infants is that we have so Constitution that allows you know these leeway for for certain abuses of power to happen and so. Do you think that there is a remedy for this or do you think that is something. That's become too ingrained in the political sphere. In in in nigeria. Bring up the constitution a because niger tying has had four major revisions to its constitution. And at this point in time we're acting another nineteen thousand nine of metro constitution saddam. Last time we had an overhaul the interesting nigeria's constitution is that through the strings of military dictatorships firm nineteen sixty six all the way to nineteen ninety eight these dictatorships came in an either suspended the constitution completely or so to be bright entire constitution points in history where the supreme sovereign power was a federal military governed military council or prime minister or president of these institutions in their pollution actually entrenched and enshrined the interests of those parties though were able to violently take over political power and so when we talk about international talk about human rights and the rights of peaceful assembly and rights to political asian in nigerian is override in provision privatized stability of prioritize mitigating or minimizing sort of disruption to the country and so these provisions were actually introduced by military declarations miniature acts in the ridge leaders and a lot of these things have actually been passed into the nights nights so looking for remedies to this fisk repression of political dissent within the nigerian constitution. Itself is actually a futile exercise. However negeria is state parties cape a lot of international treaties agreements exist in a world where there's north instead become crystallized over time that meant to protect human rights in the individual agreement injury as pocket to is the room that which essentially establishes international criminal prosecution and protects the rights of citizens especially citizens so they're protesting peacefully. Now even let me difficult to propose political reform domestically. Niger is still constrained. But provision up to robes Until going into a peaceful protests up with meditated aid of shooting thou protesters with live ammunition goes against his grave violation of the room. Statistics that is why people have cold for national criminal investigation again. Like the nigerian constitution. International criminal investigation isn't something that can effectively deterred a government carrying them for precipice titties. As matter of fact is carried out much more grievous violations of the In recent years heard a buckle haram the terror deterrent organization in northeastern major when butter haram disintegrated into a full blown insurgency. Many parts of northeast injury puts under emergency legislation under state's emergency and according to amnesty international Lot of society organizations in humanitarian organisations the ground that would bring violations carried out against human rights of not bystanders sympathizers. Took around and face of it. It doesn't seem like a big deal those award Insurgency but why is it permitted that a government can some early execute in flattened villages that they suspect of being sympathetic to the political aim. Cement insurgent group take an active potent insurgency. And if there's a suspicion perhaps people have the right look. Perhaps they do have the rights to face. You process it. The rights to be investigated through judicial system. It shouldn't be that the states can go in there and carry out. Extra-judicial killings international criminal court at least since the twenty fifteen almost once every year has had a reason to open preliminary investigations into the niger government but the thing about international criminal court is that the principle of complementarity this principle states.

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