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Let's go to Bill in garden city. Hey, bill. Yeah. Here. I heard Hello. That cartons city. I don't know. Hey, you got your the show. I love it. Live guard in the city. We love all the great Platte garden city hotel, David Burke, restaurant. They got that hanging bacon. It's great there. Oh my God. You know this place place. You've got waters Zooey. You got what's talion place next door that great restaurant Vida. Nova nova. Yeah, that's very good. My wife's Italian I listen. I'm so simple. I know her in there all the time with the bar. Joe Bartlett got some hours before those guys Riedel and the Berman in the morning, and he's still you got some hours, you these people are the morning show. They come in, like free, and they prepare what the hell you guys do all the trust me. They come in and prepare. Somebody comes in like at four and they start. I mean you do a radio show. It starts at ten you come in, like five minutes, ten minutes only you can set up your coffee and your breakfast. Absolutely. We'll quickly things for you. But my father just retired fifty nine eighty six now. And he's the same way he argues my wife because you stopped playing tennis. Yeah. You can't retire and sit at home. You gotta work. You gotta go do something when he's starting to do it again. He's, Jim king. He's a great guy. I hear he's not that nice. Everybody says I hear a lot of complaints about him. Anyway, you ready for this thing. Yeah. All right. The. The number one client on Napster. Okay. But my nickname for joke. I mean he's an old fashioned website. Oh, Napster kicks. Okay. Okay. Wow. All right. But my nickname for him is Bill the blah, blah, blah, blah blah's, you work on the Napster joke, and then we'll get to the second one phone that Napster joke a little, I anyway, I think Rhonda shear hit, actually, she called him, the big doofus, somebody else, just wrote me the champagne socialist. You remember like limousine liberal got to work on the guys like that. Don't drink champagne the cappuccino socialist, the well, we'll work on it. We'll, we'll get that one. Let's go to Bruce in plain view. Hey, bruce. Hi, how are you? Love your show. President of to worry anything about Michael Flynn say with these texts. There's nothing to worry about the believe me Muller. The I don't know if you heard Muller investigated Michael Flynn. Right. And Flynn was framed. Anyway. He wasn't. Well, he was sort of framed. He was sort of set up. Yeah. He was set up. He was tricked you supposed to tell the guy the FBI would like to talk to him. And then allow him to do whatever you'd like get an attorney or prepare, they call them. It was like a fake setup. We'd like we need to come over right now. And talk to you, that they ran over the White House and talk to him. He had no chance to get an attorney or anything. He had no reason to lie and nothing to lie about, but they ran right? Over and started talking to him. And then what they do is, they'll interview then they'll come back in a month, and everything, better matchup, or they get you on perjury or changing your story. So he didn't give them the full story. He may have lied about meeting investor Kislyak, but there was no reason to lie. There was nothing ally about. So it was basically a perjury trap, the whole thing was silly. Now what are they saying? Now that somebody pressured him, not to somebody from the Trump administration. Yes, he felt pressure from. Trump administration to testify certainly Muller. Don't worry Muller head seventeen of the most brutal investigators on the case. They had hundreds and hundreds of F, B I and everything back in, they investigated Flynn like crazy so did Komi and you can be sure Comi gave whatever he had to the Muller team, every inch of everything about Flynn was investigated, if there was anything Muller would have gotten it. Let's go to Herman and Connecticut. Airman. Listen, you lift at one real bomb in that we in board, the biggest boom of all Sally Yates. She should go to jail. She was the one that signed the FIS of warrant. No bulls. Yeah. When the about the thing about Flynn is he should be cleared because the discovery of him wearing. He made me supposed- full statements was based on a legal tap. So he should be cleared, but more than that. That's a good point. Yeah. When Obama's attorney general left Sally Yates, was underneath, and was then acting attorney general and she was horrible. She was totally biased partisan running the Justice department that way, and it took a while to get somebody to replace him. Boy, they came up with a genius, the great Jeff Sessions. And Sally Yates is now a hero to liberals you see you're on morning Joe all the time in any crazed college campus. She's the big speaker, they love this. Elliott's but you're right. Nobody quite knows exactly the extent of her role in those files warrants and all that crap. So you're right. Hopefully she will be looked at. And if necessary prosecuted a when we come back, the greatest political analyst of all Ed Rollins will be with us next on seven ten w let's get the latest news, Joe Bartlett. Okay. Mark mayor de Blasio says has a New Yorker. He knows how to take on President Trump. He's considered a presidential long shot. But Blasios tells MSNBC he's always been underdog, and has won every election. He's been in may right now on the campaign trail in Iowa newly released documents raising more questions about possible obstruction and the Russian, former national security adviser Michael Flynn, telling investigators the Trump administration tried to influence his testimony. Specific officials were not named new. Jersey Senate president Steve Sweeney's introduced a controversial plan to tighten the state budget wants to.

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