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There and jump on. This is this is the guy right here. Here's the thing this scenario. You just painted is actually less expensive scenario for the Texans in twenty nineteen. And here's why you're paying Whitney where you're paying him. Either way cloudy is on a franchise tag. That's about sixty million a year paying McCoy, sixteen million a year, you're probably paying them, eight nine so you're actually, like, in the grand scheme of things, you're actually saving money off the salary cap in your scenario. I don't think you're probably, I don't think the ceiling of your defense is probably as good without cloudy on it. But I think I but I but I think with MC if McCoy's part of this mix, and he stays healthy, and he's been by large healthy player his entire career, you really, really banking on Whitney mercilus turning back into at least eighty or eighty five twenty would like to see and you, you can tell me. Because you follow the closer than I did. When Whitney in twenty fifteen when we had the sex it was was your what had a big year to what was defensive player that you go. So and then. So I would like to see Whitney playing doing exactly what cloudy does. I find it very hard to believe that he cannot be extremely disruptive. Now I'm not comparing to cloudy, not saying he'd be more disruptive than cloudy, but I watched Whitney mercilus play. And there's no doubt. He's a violent dude. That's versatile. Income can come from death can put his hand in dirt. He can do everything that cloudy can do maybe not to that degree. But he can do it effectively and be one hell of a player, I would like to see him do it behind JJ watt and twenty nine big winner in that one Whitney mercilus because it's a contract year.

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