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I'll tell you something. Good ready. Are you ready for this? Eric you listen to this zone. There were some important races on the county that we're one powei mayor alcohol mayor vista mayor Carlsbad mayor and some city council within those as well. So when we talked with Richard Bailey yesterday at a golden hall Cornell about the sand, dad control he talked about the importance of those local elections, especially on the county. And so that is the one shining bright moment of it. Now, you're going to say for how long is that could be. I'm just saying that's not what I was gonna say what I was gonna say is just a matter of time. All right. Which are very different words words, you chose. Well, what are the words? He chose how long for how matter of time. None of those words are the same at all. Could holly. How dare you? But for how long miles. For now. Just trying to get a bright spot. Just going to creep creep over there. Pretty soon alcohol, and it's going to be just like instant nita's which used to be read same thing. Keep going. Why would it not? I agree. But there's worse to me. There's much bigger issues at hand them worrying about the county in the it's like, let's Nathan Fletcher finally won an election. How about that? Are we still have the good news? No, I'm saying there's bad news to worry about not like all negative publicity show. It's so negative. Must have got into a spat or something. Exactly why. Okay. Election coverage. I I feel awful. Could he? Okay. So far apart bit off the edge. Look forward to it. It's fun and get a free Breda. Yeah. That's true. Aaa, no. But you're saying, okay bummer, and it's like do pizza. Okay. I like pizza pizza guy. Well, let's be real you'll settle for pizza. We'll settle but I'm thinking downtown, maybe some new pizza maybe seven. I haven't tried. A little more pro than than you just portrayed right there. Okay. On my way for for pizza. As compared to to lay. No. It's a step down. Yeah. Yeah. Definitely. He's still up there. So the boss man at like eight thirty gets pizzas, boys. Right. So I go backstage. Two pizzas. Okay. One. What do you think? What what do you think? If you were of ordering pizzas for a group of people. Okay. Talent. You don't know what their preferences? That's fine. I think I would know my talents preference. Okay. What would you go? You're gone for your boat buying pizzas for a group of people. I would go one all cheese and one with pepperoni. Ninety five percent of people would go with those two amazing. Someone's feeling a little crazy, and they do like a veggie or meat lovers. And that's why like sausa- maybe half of it. Yeah. You want to go too, far, maybe do like eagle crash half of it's going to be like a meat lover's pizza or something like that? Right. Boss man, went with Hawaiian. And then pineapple at ham and the whole young then this absolutely flavourless. Yeah. Like like horrifically bad. Unbelievable. How there were things on it didn't taste like anything. Everything was cardboard like a Margarita. So like, no, no sauce. Blantyre many tomatoes. No, not that tough Margarita. I get. Just like a little bit of basil. Maybe on it. Okay. I know what you're talking about this like usually balls of melted mozzarella mozzarella now. Listen to this. If it's worse detainees, I come down. And there's a small little box very small box for the boss to pepperoni pieces. He got himself. He's got you got us Hawaii. This is a trophy. Absolute flavor less and then two pieces of pepperoni forever. This is troll job. He's just messing with you guys at this point. Out of his way to get the right pizza for himself. Early. I'm faking. So now to who's refused. So is that what that's what set between me and my house. We're both in agreement on that. We're just foul mood. Boys..

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