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Deep end on the basis of what a worsted at at punchestown on less you're talking about like an inner geneen energy mean type performance It put for a novice who did have a tough season Even the whole process of just traveling over to cheltenham and having to win your race and then come back and going compete at punchestown. It can just be too much for some so Vanilla as very high list. And he's with the with the right mind tune governor. Oh so. I'm very excited about him and say looks. The absopure festival. Novices shows the absolute right distance from two. So the be messing around in terms of of that. You might come back and chips sometimes. Do show the chase debuted Like three minutes off the pace to be able to win over to an off. But i'm sure they'll be three dollars before. Yeah exactly exactly but when it comes to the to the day itself at the festival it'll be it'll be three miles Bob olander glenn Go on. I was gonna say unless the national Don't even don't even mess with my head like that Bobble heads the bedding for the marsh which makes sense given his demolition job of the more certa last season having spoken with henry. Is that the plan with them and in an ideal world or is there a possibility that he's being completely underestimated that they are looking at the arco themselves. Nothing's being confirmed Jason bull insensitive. Since to me. I i think he's quick. Scoot yawkey bow to me. I think that's off. Melchett is poli just about ideal for this novus campaign. Be be surprised if he went all to be on stinky. It'd be like the equivalent race in ireland semi drago in england. think the intermediate probably just about spinal. He's he's not the the pace it's also. I don't think there's any any risk free miles. The so i've my twenty two bet then in james the burly thanks very much appreciate that poll But i would. If bobby takes fences and the way henry bromhead improve horses from hurtling to chasing is staggering. If he does do this and if he does live up to his expectations then he's the one who at four two one is is going to be very very hard to stop. That being said who appeals to you again is not until too much bobole engine by To high close to hike opposite last year next boats into the high-class novice chases this year. Again we did see last year with a couple of the english by drove obama. Escape cheltenham wasted flirting. With the case. This it again time will tell just a pick. Pick something else out. Rarely unbelievably elvis and do sauces whole suit. I call waits to see again this season again. Whether whether that's over fences low battles the he was non-committal when what i spoke with them. E it's certainly. I think i think the fact that he's only ever run twice in his life. Kinda leans towards possibly evoke reappeared over overhead. Those books he's racing the london forty one after them to runs fast off if you eat. He bolted basically Nearly as so often makiko is due beaten sold and glory also today so in the the beffa handle those plenty of Not those of quite strong grace anyone ready while on his Starts november to april when he was kind of impressive slightly maybe not rushed bucks she but there was the It might be important to tony. Weights I think he went for the two mile race because it looks slightly easy option and taking on my drove off on. He just seems to find ever not a little bit too quick before two miles around the shop. Chocolate ground. He's actually huge through salts. Offer this assignments. A book is not Jedi magog gives us a description of Us simon sieg eat those looking use. Looks like a three mile chase so if he does go offenses out expected to go above mile at least trauma Expect just not them to starts to copy masters of improved from on the fact that he was able to finish it in a great while on his fist. In five months on justice sandra school Just speaks volumes actual ability beaten only two and a half lengths by cheltenham festival winner. So it's It's a say i don't think i don't think conditions Think he was just getting if he wants to race. But you just look quite uncomfortable from any stage. Dvd run off his feet. Decent crowns Truck two miles around Token like belfast. Bounces is abroad Smooth traveling all new conditions will have suit on that day. So i think do salt. Once he gets probably a bit off the ground longer trip and say might it might reappear in a in an instant the pedal of willful. And i think this. I think he's definitely one also think unless expedience touch them all to be capable of winning. The cockpit lost that long even pitched in sultan quite deep alien. And thank you i. You'll develop into a talk bus jason. Yet you'd be surprised if he if he didn't and you'd be surprised if he didn't win. A great one to seat may like six to seven i. I'd be wants to be on the on the stunned. The connections will be concerned. That he's only up. It's not just to head wanted students in life. You never never run the points. Boy never honorable and so just a little bit of ray schools expedience in the so She'll factor than book. I'm sure he will make the right decision on the place to coldly The only warning bell to get sounded for me is that he's as you're saying he's six turning seven so yeah you would like single chasing but at the same time having been so impressive in.

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