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To pay the extra money to watch his show on cable so he just comes in every day. You know, with everything that's going on and on this show this week. Aren't you glad you are who you are and I'm glad who I am. Let me ask you this. When you go home and take your foot out of your mouth is it usually your right foot and your left foot? The right foot usually because I have a harder time with my left. That's why you quit wearing them bringing them all his shoes because your gum that one up didn't you? How did you know that? Hey, hey, if it don't fit, you must acquit. You gotta quit wearing them. You know, all I tell you why I'm so proud to be me, I don't have to worry about not taking my gun or anything like that. I don't have to talk to my lawyer this morning. I don't have to talk to your lawyer tomorrow morning. I don't have to do depositions. I don't have to look over my shoulder and you know, it's such a pleasure. Just being made. Just being made, that's the real deal. That's real money. You know, I'm just where would we be right now? If it wasn't for all these middle aged people, they did not, you know, they, they were clued to Charlie's Angels and ironside. And they all stayed at a Holiday Inn express and they did that muffin. They know everything about the law. Everything about the law. And what they all failed to realize, this is multi million dollar business. This is whale damn money. They gonna do what they gonna do. And you just buy your damn ticket and sit in the cheap seat. Paul, don't you long for the days when pat dye comes on and he's explaining to everybody why Brett fool wood didn't go to school and they wanted him kicked out of school. They wanted him railroaded. They wanted pat's job. Because Brentford would then go to school. Now look where we're at. Look at these crossroads. Paul hell just two months ago, you want a huge freeze fire every damn tweeted. By the way, I still have not seen a tweet from Hugh freeze. You know why because tweets tweeting ain't a damn good thing, but you can go to a nightclub, take a gun and escape mask and gloves and take your crack pipes. You can do all kinds of things. Okay, we're enough of the call was bad, but it finally went off the road. We're up against a break. We will get an update on the Kermit Davis situation. He was fired today at all missiles in the next hour who could be replacing him. And we'll send the paramedics down to pick up Iman's miss. You were listening to the Paul fine bomb show podcast. Header and gymnastics, Kentucky, Florida, Georgia auburn, Missouri, Arkansas starts soon. And Booker is up next in New Jersey, a hello Booker. Hello, Paul. How are you doing? Booker, we are doing well. Thank you. Yeah, thanks for taking the call. I've been, I've been watching the ongoing saga with Brandon Miller and all of what's going on. I was just sitting watching. But one of your last callers squirrel, did he? Was he suggesting that this happened because the shooter happened to be from Baltimore, a Washington? You could infer that, yes. Yeah, well, not wait. Now, when you guys go out to recruit, do they put geographical boundaries in SEC about where they're going to bring players in? No, they do not. I mean, that's asinine. I never thought I was on a he mentioned 55. You for me with his 82 runs out of Tuscaloosa going down to Mississippi. Yes, sir. I was on a bus on my college football team in 19 60 two. Went to Tuscaloosa, we were going to Louisiana. I won't name it. My school might give up my last name. And we will stop. When we crossed in the Mississippi, by the Mississippi state troopers, guns aim is out as Greyhound bus all these African Americans and the guy came up on it because he thought all the drivers were Caucasian at that time. But where are you taking all of these and he used the N word? He said, well, football team. Football, these big blanks. They were here. They should be picking cotton. And I came up on it with a sawed off shotgun. Just to let us know that if we were there for trouble, it comes at our own, but we will only go in down to play Grammy by the time we got to Graham that nobody wanted to play football. We got beat 55 and nothing. So we want to get back to South Carolina. Was Eddie coaching at the time? I assume he was. Yeah, sure. I knew Eddie Robinson, here I go, I used to pick him up at the airport and sometime at the train station and Columbia South Carolina because the president of the school that I attended was also the president of the college where it Robinson. And it was one of his favorite students. Pick him up when he would come to Columbia to visit the college president there. Because he was like, his son, so I knew him very well, up close and personally. Booker, I will tell you. I caught coach Robinson late in his career, but I worked in Louisiana. I've told the story years ago, but I called him one day and so I'd like to spend some time around the program and he said, well, I got an idea. He said, you come over and I rode the bus from grambling to, Mississippi. And he let me spend the entire weekend in the locker room at dinner. I sat with him on the bus and I will tell you and it was more than 40 years ago. It remains one of the most memorable and meaningful weekends I've ever had in my profession.

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