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A bear may get up for that but hello when I'll be in Ohio again no no plans right now for two weeks so I make just at home right now right right well I think so much for calling and always great talking to you always checking up with the and certainly I know if you're in the you'll stop by he did last time so we always and will always will always keep an eye out for some of these old revolvers if any have your name on here very good very good yeah look forward to seeing you know again thanks a lot not a means of taking time out of your day to call in Mister Hickok forty five a just a just a wonderful man I made a wonderful man right yeah just because it was here that day and spent all those hours with us and that the the funny thing I know we told the story several times he went up there on the range and stood in line and in one okay a recognizable still out of you know you didn't have a place that this was where he was acting and he would you know Hey what you shouldn't today and I like this in if people didn't realize you're having a conversation to they recognize them yeah a lot of hours what but yes this shows were fantastic you can watch them twenty four hours a day at a line and you know what I am I do blame him though for so many sleepless nights yes me too this is ridiculous you start to watch one and then all of a sudden here often you look down this two thirty in the morning and now you know just what a great guy yes when we come back we'll talk about some of the other items that were announced at shot show this week that are possibly something to watch for in the coming weeks wrong target broadcasting live from the studios valley PT farms range correct after the break two I think presidential will be in peace president trump will be impeached probably not I do think you will be impeached I don't think you will be removed from office trial in the Senate Democrats seven trying to beat him for three or four years now the impeachment of president trump it's not about Ukraine it's about they don't like the guy they're they're blocking his agenda here about it to talk about it why news radio six ten WTVN.

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