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G included for $30 a month. When you get four lines on Xfinity Mobile prices may vary in are subject to change. Reduce speed the 20 gigabytes per line. Three. Now New Jersey one at 1.5 fast traffic well some of the nasty afternoon thunderstorms coming through Sussex and Warren into Morris County route. 80 started to slow down a lot into Rockaway out towards the Stanhope for Saturday, so you'll see a lot of headlights and wipers turned on together. Friday. Traffic along the parkway getting slow Essex tolls down to 1 42 more bunching up farther down the line. South of 98 2 91 that again they're aged 82. There's also a crash report on the parkway South near Exit 69. Watch for that, on the shoulder of the road waiter by traffic started to build up both spurs down to the car, the truck lanes and then it gets a lot better to 27 Not bad to get down to 4 40 Wave crash Closing 27 in the Franklin Township Kendall Park area at Route One is a crash in Edison north of her by parsonage Road. Tom Rivers, New Jersey traffic North. Jill Maira, New Jersey Traffic South. What a mess in Mercer County to 95 North is crawling from exit 68 at Princeton Pike to exit 69. That's where we have an accident. A car fire a messy scene, and it is closed from exit 69 to route 31. Now. Also, we have jam packed traffic with the detours. Traffic is crawling on to 95 North, exit 69 to route 31, but also to six is affected from 2 95. Down through two Exerts crossing road. Also, if you're on Darryl Lane, you cannot make a left. Turn onto 206 and coming from exerts crossing road. You cannot make a left turn onto 206. So keep this in mind. It's a messy scene in Mercer County right now, your best route around. This is if you're coming from the Ewing area to take 31 to get route 31 to get onto 2 95 instead. New Jersey Fast traffic every 15 minutes. Next.

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