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Goldstein Miles Smith are the engineers who run our remote studios and thank you for listening to another edition of Boston public radio. You can tune in tomorrow for Andrea Cabral Chuck Todd with presidential debate preview and NFL Director and CEO Matthew Teitelbaum. Now, Graham is open. Because you, I'm really glad he's joining us. So. Yeah. We have a couple of really important things tonight. One Gilani COBB IS GONNA. Join us from frontline in the New Yorker. Talk about it's terrific frontline piece I believe it's called whose vote counts and also whose vote doesn't count. It's about voter suppression focusing on history and Historian and Wisconsin in particular but its applicability across the board earlier this year just in route was. Killed by the police his sister and his father who believed justice did not prevail in terms of the ultimate determination by district attorneys and others. In this case, they will join me to make their case I'm GonNa talk a little bit about the juxtaposition of what the Pope had to say about civil unions and what we learned about today and what we learned a judge Barrett. Did as the trust, the of a school that discriminates against the GDP families. And something else is happening but I cannot tell a lie I've forgotten what it is, but it's pretty good show at the patch show tonight at seven o'clock on Greater. Boston jared it's always a pleasure to have you. Here and it was great today as well and look forward to tomorrow. Thanks so much for your time. I am Jim Brady and Jerry Bohan. Tomorrow..

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