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Cook didn't really answer her question as much as respond positively to it mack iphone ipad and services were all up in the region hong kong not included though even their things were not as bad as in quarters past as for iphone both upgraders and androids which were on the rise so you know has are something piper jaffray analyst and not my uncle mike olsen threw away one question but followed with a good one well one that coq would answer any way asked whether he could compare iphone ten pre orders to iphone eight cook probably could but said he would not he wasn't interested in talking about megs something he'd have the chance to say a few more times on the call as per the keeper question olsen also wanted to know how the world should gauge the success of augmented reality and what's tim cooke most excited about in that sector cook said what he likes about augmented reality is the fact that it amplifies human performance instead of isolating humans and his opinion it should be a help for humanity not something that isolates the cool thing is a are is all over the place and the consumer space air is good for shopping gaming and entertainment are obscured for business obscured for education there's room for a are everywhere and apple is wellpositioned for it with its marriage of hardware and software as he's done before a coke likened a are today to the start of the app store perhaps a little underwhelming now but it just gets bigger and better from here.

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