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It's one 17 to one 15. The box defense is two points better at one O 7, than joker's nuggets defenses when he's on the court at one O 9. The impact there is almost negligible. And you know what, like one other thing I do want to mention with yo kitch as well defensively. He is very clearly the captain out there. Like you watched the way that they kind of communicate. The watch the way that they are moving around out there rotating. He's the guy that's kind of captaining it out there. He's the one that's kind of pulling the strings and holding it together. He's a legitimately like he's not a elite defender. I wouldn't even say that like he is in the 80th percentile or higher defender in the NBA, but he's somewhere in that 65 to 75 range, I think. He's easily legit positive defender now. Yeah. And the gap between him and Yanis is still monstrous. Yes. Which matters, except for that the box defense hasn't been elite. That to me is like, maybe the counter draw here is just like, well, look. And I'm making the other argument here. On the same token, you can also go like, well, look, Joker may have been a better defender of the season. They may be actually 60 to 7 percentile. The nuggets defense still sucks. So he's not actually impacting anything on that end anyway, because nobody on Denver can stop anything at the point of attack. And they need somebody who's better at room protection than what Nikola Jokić can be. Like they need Rudy Gobert in order for that defensive work because that's how terrible their point of attack the defense is. So all of this evens out, to me, if it's Giannis, if it's Joker, the arguments to me really do negate and it winds up being like either one, I'm okay with. I'm good with either one. I think it does need to be one of those two guys. If it's Joel, I'm gonna be like, not what I think should have happened, but a perfectly reasonable choice. If it's joker or if it's Yan, so I'm gonna be like completely worthy in the MVP. Those were the two guys this season that I point to. Over the entire course of it. A lot of it with Joker gets into those advanced metrics that are always kind of like I did this the other day where I looked up all three of their individual stat lines for thresholds of not using anything complicated, just points rebounds assists. You brought this up on Twitter earlier. This is a really good one. And all three of them are having historic seasons. Nobody's ever had the points rebounds and assist mark that joker has had. Not.

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