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And as i sit here and try and understand more of this situation i keep coming back and ask you myself the question of we really had to toss body for this like i don't know maybe if you could justified under the branch of we toss people four heckling but how we've seen that you could say a lot worse than a baseball stadium and still going to stick around for a little bit red sox will tell you that but for a guy who supposedly calling out pitches it away so hear me to tell me that this fan can identify these things better than jerry sanchez can that he's telling jerry sanchez something he doesn't already know but if that's the case juve i'm gerardy i'm looking sideways gary sanchez a little bit i can hear you dan edwin round this show trying to keep dan down a tell ya the conspiracy definitely a conspiracy put a muzzle on you but you trying to say i was trying to say that i mean the vacancy where the catcher setting up i'm assuming consuming that's what that's what we're talking about here you don't want to catch our calls the play he sets up an end the family probably yell outside in side so yeah gary's not peak him back to see when the catcher is so yeah presumably the fan as little more information because he can see the catcher fair enough that makes sense and i guess if you are the raise the something you'd like to avoid that is an interesting portion of things just a general as far as baseball scouting going forward that i know teams are looking at like trying to use that just like shoulder position and really subtle nuances like that in the catcher stands to try and see some predictive alma to this and again that comes to where the science ceiling kind of comes in and all this that was originally part of the red sox issue that makes a lot more sense now her the quotes that was not professional talking about wilson ramos mess that was not professional if you come.

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