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I don't ever need to see him utter a pera all the people at this wedding they decided to speak to these people like why why why why four he is on the he's got the same reading comprehension as noah i was struggling the whole i mean it was cold though at at i am puzzled as to why the wedding comes first and now we have to go back in time to see her plan the wedding like logistically ricky watters reality what i'm saying but like it seems like way the reality shore reality sure but a reality show lead up to the wedding i would agree but i guess they they just had to show the wedding on ten seventeen and as gucci evangelists like i appreciate them doing so um i was looking forward to this it was a very big of it for me personally um i have so much support for rage rick he's one of my favorite momma com i don't know i mean i'm sure that there's a reason i don't want to judge because you know and it's got to be a reason if you don't have our show mom until your wedding this got to be a reason or your all your brother i mean i don't wanna its own but i it's there's some there's a reason the of though i don't want to lay wreaths one way or another but it is a question like okay is the question i would like to know the same how come your sibling in your mom mother and your child you weren't there but maybe the momma wouldn't let the child come so that's just a question but again as gucci evangelist um i was very disappointed with the camera 'quality arm i will say that one million times because i was very disappointed with cam quality it was it was like when your iphone turns yellow at ten o'clock okay fine world andrew she also today um was on the new york times bestseller list so gucci is they yeah is back on top selling author i thought that was.

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