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Sitting today with fergus hodgson. He's the director of the econ- erica's would it be institute or group. Sorry because he kind of economic financial consultancy. Excellent okay and you've been a columnist of senior in the epoch times and popping up all over the place you're pretty prolific speaking on economics Precious metals all sorts of things What i want to dry into today too though is How economic affecting alberta these days. Because we're in such a tumultuous time a unity is at risk across the entire country more from the stress from the west. We've ever seen i think. And there's a lot of economic implications from this instability or moving toward secession or just threat of it. Or if secession really does happen so there's a whole lot to unpack there but Perhaps if you could speak for on. The current economic is operatives in a lot of stress right. Now we've got a lot of resources a lot of ability and certainly a lot of will to to help our economic circumstance but we seem to be stunted these days. Yeah yeah sure. So is actually great date on this. The cd hyphen institute atop think and think tank out of toronto has done all sorts of data analysis of projections regarding the canadian economy and basically the view is that unemployment will not return to normal until about twenty twenty four and the same with economic growth that we're basically going to struggle to return to twenty nineteen levels this year. We won't basically going to be losing two years of growth and naturally as as you know you live in. Alberta alberta is perhaps the most hurt by this current scenario you have both the the energy industry and tourism with the rockies which are enormously impacted and mild view and. I suspect you that this is just an enormous mistake. I this is not exclusive to canada of course but we our own worst enemies in terms of hurting us house economically. Everyone's talking about these businesses hurt by covid hurt by lockdowns. Not by covid. You know. I most of us..

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