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Hanging out in bars because we know when the boss get closed. The infection goes down. When people just let rip and go to bars. It goes up, you know, I often say, and I don't mean this to be provocative about it, You know? Take your choice. If you want to open the boss or you want to open the schools, you know if you opened it because you're gonna have A community spread that would make it more difficult to open schools. I got to say, I know Coach Legitimate criticisms and Makana Hayes interview. He's bringing out the best in Fauci. I was just riffing on him like he is. He's so McConnell. He's so like I did everything but thousands delivering gold, the idea of fancy coming home from work or we're going to get a burger and a beer. I mean, I just pictured watching one of those booths that like, you know, White Horse Tavern in New York over there. Have a hamburger. Yes. I want the burger and the beer with facci. I want it right now. I'm really disappointed. Dude. Really disappointed in you guys broke. I don't know. If you guys knew that alcoholism is the number one disease people struggle with United States actually Very big, Very Zito. I actually thought I thought we put it on a t for you. But haven't you got? You must have gone plant based by now, Haven't you did it? He must be in protein burgers know whatyou're even if there's no way you're eating the flesh of a dead animal, right? No do Don't go vegan Do there's nothing There's nothing I can't get from soy that I could from ground beef so bouncy with the burger you can endure. So you come in your crack and Fauci fake bears eat a burger burger. Okay, Here's McKay. Let's not less carbs, dude. Oh, my God. I know what this never to end Makani and found his final message for the United States. What would you say? It's fair to say we are. What? With virus. Oh, for sure. I mean, you know, you know, I don't want to get to better FARC about it, but you know, our country has been through some very, very difficult situations. You know, we've been through a depression we get through World War. I'm old enough to have been a big during World War two, but I remember how the country absolutely pulled together. We pulled together after 9 11 This is equivalent to that matter. We've got together. Absolutely does it? I don't want to say much more like that. Right there. Let's pull together. Well, what we liked each other. We can have our freedom and our party later right now, let's pull together and do we need to do? Thank you, Doctor for your time. Godspeed, sir. You too. Thank you for having me, man. Appreciate, sir. Ah, As you know, we talk about America were divided and he's angry. Right left Red blue. I think we just came together as a nation. I think McConaughey and found she just united the nation. Hey, whether you're Biden Harris or Trump Pence. I think everybody should McConaughey Fauci going 2020 men, fake Berries. You know you are going to vote would you right into Makani and Apache. Dude. No comment on that dude. But I will say that yes, we do all have to pull together and that's exactly what I told my teammates. Game five in ST Louis. 2012. Dude, That's why when I laid down that front, every step I took down the baseline Dude was a step farther away from my oppressors and one set of freedom. Duke Power Hour. Of all time has come to an end. Fake. Very easy to go Get your guitar. Get your soy burger. We appreciate you dropping by, buddy. Yeah, yeah. Later. Dude that made good Next. I can't br What? 45 and 6 80 These sports League thiss. He's Murph in Mac extremists on knbr dot com Through your smartphone or desktop. We are the sports leader. This traffic is sponsored by crafts. Petri.

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