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Chula Vista, and this Sunday. Are North County sponsored vaccination Superstition will open a Cal State San Marcos is athletic complex. They're trying to put all the sign ups on the same website, my turn dot CIA dot Gove, which they are enhancing, But the Petco in Chula Vista Super stations are still under the website vaccination superstation dot com. He also says only people 75 older with no computer access should call to 11 to make appointments. Marilyn Haider KOGO NEWS. Meantime, city of San Diego, announcing today it'll be enforcing parking laws again starting on February 8th the week from Monday, the city suspended parking roles, including meters and street, sweeping with stay at home orders. They'll be starting back up again on February 8th once again with the county back in the purple tear. After the regional order was lifted earlier this week, the Pentagon is deploying medical military personnel to help with Kobe vaccine roll out across the country, coded coordinator Max Rose said today there are more than 20,000 troops now serving 260 vaccine sites. And 36 States and territories. Ah Coronado Man is in jail, charged with obvious charged with actions he took allegedly in connection with the capital riot back in January. 6th He's 33 year old Geoffrey Alexander Smith. He was arrested Tuesday by the FBI and joint terrorism Task Force. The FBI tells us Smith is charged with violent entry into shortly conduct on Capitol grounds and entering a restricted federal building celebrated actress Cicely Tyson and received an Oscar nomination for her work in Sounder and me's for the powerful TV film. The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman has died. She was 96 years old, her manager in a statement to variety today, said Cicely thought of her new memoir, which came out just a few days ago. As a Christmas tree decorated with all the ornaments of our personal and professional life. And today, he said, she placed the last tournament a star on the top of the tree. Well, it all got underway today and no fans this year for the farmers Insurance Golf Open up a Torrey Pines but still a great showcase for San Diego. The annual PGA Tour event. A Torrey Pines usually draws more than 100,000 people over the course of four days, But the pandemic has turned into a San Diego television showcase now, especially for the good weather days over the weekend. We all know the shots and the gliders flying and the beaches and everything else that accompanies that broadcast. It's about so much more than golf, but we are fortunate as well to have many of the world's top golfers coming here. They love to play here. It's obviously a championship style course we have our strongest field in years. So we're feeling really good about the show. We're gonna put on premise CEO Morning. Gorsuch this week's event coming just under five months before the U. S. Open returns to Torrey Pines June 17th for the first time since the playoff victory for Tiger Woods in 2008. Jack wouldn't Google News and at the end of round one of the farmers Insurance Open, Patrick rated Alex Noren lead the farmers open after this surround of one and both on eight under par. Roy McIlroy has four back at four under par and said he had Phil Mickelson is right now at one under par after the first round Tiger, which by the way is not playing in the farmer's insurance open because he had back surgery, and he's recovering. And on the political wire tonight, some new names surfacing on the possible list of candidates for California governor with Gavin Newsom recall election becomes a reality and No, not one of them. Is that guy who likes to say he'll be back? That's coming up next with Lou Penrose on NewsRadio. 600 Coco Coco News Time now. 605 temperature check on Coco's real time Traffic. Good evening from helpful. San Diego Honda dealers. Traffic Center with South 1 25 still jammed off the Grossmont Summit, Interstate eight Down to Spring Street. Ah, good news. The at the 1 63 split off the 15. They cleared the right lane after pretty not a car that caught fire there right at the Colonel Villa on ramp. And the North 15 in good shape all the way through. And so Bernardo little slow traffic..

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