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I I can almost guarantee that with that nasty defense and the offense just keeps getting better and better saying X, I mean there are power running team and they're they're great as well. Great defense great offense. I'm really looking forward to seeing who can beat who is Palm West the top seed or is it saying ex will find out after tonight will tell you about the upcoming games as well as we move on to division 2 region seven number one Massillon Perry 2008 Toyota 35 to 10:00 number for Olentangy rolls on against number 12, Worthington, Kilbourne 35 to 13. We have number to Massillon Washington cruising over and over 7, North, Canton, Georgia. Over 4823 and number three Westerville South 56th. Number 11, Olentangy Berlin 29. That was all Columbus and some Maslin and now reads it is your Cincinnati Dayton region. We start off with the top-seeded Winton Woods Warriors. They defeat Edgewood for the second time this year 34-6 this time over the Cougars from Trenton, Ohio. We have number to LaSalle shutting out number seven Stebbins 49 nothing that was the game that we were watching by watching. I mean stats-wise in the wpgw back as we'll talk about this game number six Anderson upsets number three Piqua to hand the Indians the first loss in the year 2922. And in fact, I looked at my agenda for the first time and change a month or so, you know, cuz ice hockey starts next week. Yay, but if I stuck with Loveland of ESP didn't move me to Princeton guess through the Tigers were supposed to host in a dog. Regular season a ten-week regular-season Henderson. So hey fate. How's that work? And we also have an pretty big win for Kings. Yes. Kings is a higher than Turpin as lights shut out the Spartans Seventeen nothing but shutting out the Spartans was more the eyebrow raised was like hm had to be a very complete game for the King's Knight's although I did see on Facebook still ski I keep on say thai-style skiing. I don't know why it's still ski I still ski looks like he might be out for Kings next playoff match off and that might be a little bit of a moment for Kings, but we'll see mean good teams will take those challenges and advanced on but I think Kings has Winton Woods and Anderson has LaSalle, but we'll talk about future games at the moment division three now region 11 st. Francis de Sales the top see rolls across number eight Granville 5630 job. I've number to Bishop Hartley can't say 3414 Windover. Number 10. Try Valley Thornville Sheridan the 3 seat defeats succeeded Bishop Watterson Twenty Eight twenty and Jonathan Alder with a song Shut Out win over the conference foes and the.

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