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Great offense line P. I hope this is not Representative. But Donny one of the the ring Josh Johnson. The great Josh Johnson came in was forty two zero was forty to nothing and Jameson crowded. Ran the ball and seventy yards for seventy or touchdown. Whenever like, Josh Johnson is not prepared isn't throwing the football and seven years. And then I mean, more Sanchez terrible. So Josh Johnson's going to play. So I think the Jaguars is probably gonna fantastic. Yeah. But that's that's a spoil of riches. I don't think that's Representative. I'd probably go Jaguars bears and then lines. But even then Josh Allen scary. Now, he sure as was way better when they were playing Derek Anderson decode what he wears. I don't know. I think I'm sticking with them. I just think they have so many weapons. They're so good at turnovers. Even if it's not going to be an interception. I think they still have potential it can stifle the the yards Rogers yards. Very impressive. Even after McCarthy. Fired RIT, Carol. I still like that. I still like that match through the streamer lineup. Let's do it. So yeah, if you had to pick a stream of starting lineup we're gonna throw out some options if he of guys owned and under fifty percent leagues even after waivers went through on Wednesday. Hopefully, you don't have to do this. But if the playoffs, but you know, get the winds thing quarterback. And that's yeah. So once it's tough so streamer starting lineup. I mean, we propose any. But I mean, Josh Allen got to be the pick right right in Dr dumpster diving. I mean, he's essentially a running back who also throws it. Right. He said twenty six thirty and twenty fantasy points in the last three weeks if you'll get his rushing yards. We fourteen nine Russia's one hundred one yards a touchdown. We thirteen nine Russia's one hundred thirty five yards in week twelve. Thirteen Russia's ninety one ninety nine yards and a touchdown. The vast majority of those are scrambles I would love to see if they actually had some design. Wait, a added more designed runs for him at this point just because he's proven he's so like he saw athletic in the open field my mind as well. Fulltime Craig put this in here. Alan has more rushing yards in the last three weeks engine thirty five than any running back in the NFL not namesake on Barkley. That's well, here's so now, I have a dilemma for you because you just sold. Awesome. I think my brother listen to this podcast. And if he help I hope he does not I'll find out because so I'm playing him in the semi finals of my league this week. Obviously, I need to beat my fucking brother. So here's my question. He's James Winston do. I ask Josh Allen right now. So he listens to this and figures out that I added him. So he could on yet right now, aren't they can you take the instance going up against the Ray the ravens, right? I gotta make Josh Allen. So he doesn't get James Winston. Yeah. I'm doing that right now Tiki next guy because I'm thinking. Are running back choice this week Frank gore. The dolphins going up against the Viking season in twenty seven percent of Yahoo leagues. Thirty two percent. Yes. VN? I mean, if you look at he's definitely not a sexy choice for running back spot. But if you look at his touches over last five weeks, he's averaging fourteen touches a game last week at twelve carries ninety two yards week thirteen eight carries. We twelve fourteen carries. We tend thirteen carries week nine twenty carries. I mean, he's still getting volume. So he's got that. He's got that. Obviously that sort of baseline the floor where he's going to get eight to ten carries at least probably more like eight fifteen carries game at in a catcher too. And so there's the upside having scored touchdown. I just think if you're looking for a guy with a solid floor. He could be I mean decay..

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