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What's happening guys. Happy wednesday it. Thank you for joining another special episode of welcome. The disaster known as thriller is now complete. I've gotta give these guys. Credit in one regard is. This show was far less painful than the previous far less painful. I often all fit into a reasonable window of three hours. And i don't know where exactly that sat. But i know i'm close in three hours definitely on the long end. You want to get that right around that our twenty minute mark but it still wasn't seven hours like the previous disaster. They still forced you to watch something you didn't want to watch. A promoter will never ever not make the same mistake when he's doing the business which is to bring in other markets and other demographics and somehow going to help. If there was no music at all trailer would have saved a lot of money and they would have done the exact same number of ice. That's the part where they they have this wrong. If you're ever in a meeting i digress. But i'll leave you with one final. Thought if you're ever in a meeting and one of the guys on the marketing team uses the word synergy if he just says it if the word synergy comes out of his mouth thank him for his time and get a new marketing guy. Synergy is not real. Synergy does not work. Synergy is a theory. It is an ideology. There is no proven example anywhere in the world where you bring in from different markets to grow your own. It doesn't work that way. It sounds like a great idea. It will continue to be pitched people will continue to bring it to the table. They will continue to write books they to do lectures and seminars at colleges. It doesn't work if you're doing a boxing show boxing show but i still gotta give these guys credit. I mean it was short. It was not profanity laced. Disgusting disturbing in the world of thriller. They moved in the right direction. They really did now. You take a look at the komen event. The komen event i believe was the main event i believe that was the main attraction anderson versus tito. I gotta give tito a lot of a lot of credit. I gotta give them a lot to do so he comes out. He scared to death and you can understand that right. You can understand the fear that you would have going into combat with another man particular. When you're taking on some anderson so many people have called the greatest of all time. And now you're doing much closer to his realm. Which is boxing. And you're not you've never boxed gonna have a fear and anxiety just to go into the sport that you know very well which is now you're going and doing something different so this is a spot. The tito's in now quitting in mma is something. You can do something that you the viewer sees regularly but quitting or taking a dive is very different than a fixed fight. When pride used to fix fights they would control that but they would only go into one locker room they would only tell the guy that was going to lose. We want you to lose. And here's how we want it to happen. They would never tell the other guy which is why you didn't need emmy award winning actor to pull this off the celebration look very genuine and authentic. Because the winter thought it was. He had no idea that somebody else was visited. Or somebody else was paid or cash from the acc. Ouza literally was determined the outcome of the match. It's one of the reasons they pulled it off so successfully for so long. Nobody out of them only me in all fairness i get all the credit for bringing. That tier guys was attention. People didn't know pride was fixed including the guys that were champions and going on runs. They didn't know. I never been part of a meeting. I've never been part of a fixed fight. That's right fixed. The diver totally different. A dive happens when only one side knows now in the elicit description that i just spelled out. That's not what happens every time you see a dive when you have a guy that wants out he will formulate and sometimes he doesn't even know that before the match. He's in the match realizes. My toast is burnt. I need to get out of here in one piece. That's largely where the rear naked choke comes in turnover give back naked choke there until just just by perfect example. Dare till wanted out of that fighting the position. He knew what he needed to show. I held on just long enough to happen. Get out when tito took the dive. Gay when you have that anxiety in that fear and fighter flight sets in and you need a way out. There's not a ton of ways to get it in boxing. You're gonna have to go down to a punch. You cannot rear naked your way out of this thing. You cannot guillotine your way out of this thing so it's tough so what do you do. You wait until that first punch comes and you go down now. You do need to understand from this perspective. Tito fought a much smaller man. Then tito has ever fought in his life. Tito has never fought a man as small as anderson silva tito did not take that hard of a punch owned by the way he took it with a sixteen ounce pillow. He was out never in tito's life even chocolate. Del knocked him out back. The never tito's life was the was snoring so he's and he is out. I mean he sold this thing pro wrestling. It was great the way he went down. It was great. It looked very real. The second they say ten boom. He's awake smile on his face. And everything's fine. Okay a little bit of an over actor there. Where you have the downside. That isn't considered is anderson doesn't know that's what tito did anderson does so now anderson's walking around today gone my god. I got power. My god these hands of mine. John one time. I had to put this great big guy. Didn't even make the weight class. Said be was two hundred and forty pounds number. Put him down with one. Shot even with a pillow on my hand. One shy boy. Who i gotta be careful. That's one of the things you'll see. You'll see kids at watch. Mma and they're not aware that the rear day could choke is just the way out of a fight and they'll go spend all their time energy. Jitsu jim and money every month to go learn this devastated move known as a rare naked choke so things get a little bit weird and they get a little bit confusing now where i said i gotta give tito credit if you go and do a dive if you ever lose a fight for any reason where you were born punch and it puts you to sleep. You couldn't get up not mma where you cover up like a ball and the referee jumps in and he swarmed you said was an early stoppage and i was getting ready to go your sleep. Which is the act that tito poll. If you do that your career is now done right. That's the trade that you're making. I got outta here tonight safely. And i get a paycheck. Go home in one piece but my.

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