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Bombshell. We're buzzkill, I'm Brian Stelter? And this is reliable sources. It's our weekly look at the story behind the story of how the media really works. How the news gets made. Now all of us can help make it better in Sunday morning inclusive. Reporter Anthony, a and bussey editor Ben Smith are here to respond to Robert Muller's rebuke bus how the White House his favourite media megaphones are stirring fears about caravans of prayer rugs. And later what Nancy Pelosi and Ann Coulter have in common. That's interesting, right. We also have Carl Bernstein sending by Jeffrey Goldberg and much more. But I the question on everyone's mind is it true? We've all been talking about this story. It's the BuzzFeed story the came out Thursday night that said President Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie to congress with a clear cut impeachable offense being alleged the story went everywhere within a matter of. That's but then on Friday night. Robert Muller did something incredibly rare soap in his office on most never does his office issued a lawyer Lee response seemingly knocking down the stories sane BuzzFeed description of specific statements to the special counsel's office and characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this office regarding Michael Cohen, congressional testimony are not accurate very precise. But significant so let's go back to the key question from the story did the president tell Cohen Delie who's right and who's accurate in this situation, as I mentioned, let's get to the center of this controversy here for their first sit down interview buzzfeed's investigative reporter, Anthony gourmet and editor in chief. Ben Smith gentlemen, thanks for coming on. I appreciate it. Thank you for thanks for having a sign for we're we're happy to talk about this story. And I'm glad you've began with the the question of the truth of of the allegations. Because ultimately, we're this is a media show. We are here to talk about process, we were happy to talk about that..

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